Apex legends hacks are starting to make their way online. This is due to the fact that Respawn did not include any type of anti-cheat system in it’s code which allows players to inject code into Apex Legends at will.

Because of this, many security researchers are attempting to find flaws within the game itself. For hackers, the ease of hacking APEX Legends is not only due to Respawn’s lack of security, but also the fact that Cheat Engine can be used with it.

Now while most hackers are working on creating aimbots and wallhacks for Apex Legends, there are some who are trying to find a way around anti-cheat systems in order to inject malicious code into the game.

What is Apex Legends?

Apex Legends is a new Battle Royale shooter that was released on February 4th, 2019. It is developed by Respawn and published by Electronic Arts.

It can be played for free on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Apex Legends features a team of three characters where they must fight each other in order to become the last team standing. There are also various characters with special skill sets which must be combined in order to create the most effective team.

Apex Legends was released with almost no advertising at all, but it managed to get 10 million players after 3 days on steam alone. Some of these players were legit while others used Aimbots and wallhacks, creating havoc during the games.

This caused Respawn to create a ban wave for those players who were accused of cheating as well as creating a statement promising they will be more vigilant in ensuring players aren’t hacking. Now it is important to note that Apex Legends is the first game from the studio so it’s understandable they may not have considered this at the start.

Now let’s get into how Apex Legends can be hacked, who is making hacks for it and the implications these actions will have on future games.

What do hackers want with Apex Legends?

As I stated earlier most hackers are trying to find a way to create aimbots and wallhacks for Apex Legends which allows them to gain an unfair advantage during gameplay.

While this is definitely a worry for future games, it’s not the only danger that hackers have created. Apex Legends has also been used as a platform for cryptomining malware which allows hackers to use your computer’s CPU in order to mine cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Monero.

Now there are some who say that this isn’t a problem because hackers will need to do a certain amount of damage in order to make it worth their while. But when you consider the fact that hacking can also be used as an attack vector for other malicious activities, such as installing ransomware or sending spam emails, the threat becomes much more real.

So how does Apex Legends get hacked?

Now most hackers are using Cheat Engine in order to find ways around Apex Legends’ anti-cheat measures. Now this is concerning because it means that the game will be hacked by just about anyone who knows how to use Cheat Engine, which can be as simple as a YouTube tutorial for those with no coding experience at all.

How to get free heirloom

And now let’s talk about the most wanted hack for Apex Legends – free heirloom items. Since Respawn has stated they will be banning players who are using these kinds of hacks, many hackers are trying to find ways around this by giving the actual game files away for free.

Now most of these “free” hacks are riddled with malware and viruses, but some clever hackers have started giving away their hacks for free in the form of modding services.

While it may seem like a good idea to you because you get free stuff without putting out any money, there are more dangers to this method of hacking which Respawn has stated they will be focusing on as well.


Now while hackers may want to get their hands on your personal information and money, the real danger comes from the fact that these hacks allow anyone to easily inject new code into games with very little effort. And while we can’t know for sure what kind of malicious activity might be coming out in future games, this is a scary thought.

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