5 jobs Tim Tebow should try next after being cut by the Jacksonville Jaguars

5 jobs Tim Tebow should try next after being cut by the Jacksonville Jaguars

5 jobs Tim Tebow should try next after being cut by the Jacksonville Jaguars

5 jobs Tim Tebow should try next after being cut by the Jacksonville Jaguars‘:Former Florida Gators QB / NFL QB / New York Mets defender Tim Tebow was sacked by the Jacksonville Jaguars on Tuesday.

Tebow was trying to make the team confident. But his first pre-season action did not go very well, as he thwarted numerous attempts to block it.
This could be the end of Tebow’s NFL dream. He was trying to get back under his college coach, Urban Meyer. If Tebow can’t make a team under Meyer, he’s less likely to make a team under anyone else.

Now that Tebow’s NFL career appears to have officially ended, he may return to his job as an SEC Network analyst.

However, perhaps that is not what Tebow wants to do in all of his career – otherwise, he would not have tried his hand at baseball and playing football as a solid end.

So what other activities could Tebow try to do?

Here are five things I think a former Gator should shoot.

NHL player
Despite Tebow’s great effort to block the Jaguars preseason game this week, he’s still a communicative guy. Tebow made his name by empowering through defenders in Florida. No doubt he was a tough quarter back that would have left everything on the field.

Without football, there is no greater sport that involves more communication than hockey. Although I’m not sure if Tebow can slip. You will probably better qualify as a goalkeeper in the NHL.

It looks like a series of celebrities and former athletes are trying their hand at boxing these days. Can you imagine a pay-per-view painting you would find in the Tebow battle – especially if you were arguing with another celebrity / athlete ??? I bet Tebow wouldn’t run away from boxing. And we know you’re as competitive as you get.

The NFL referee
If Tebow wants to stay in the NFL, he should probably try the refereeing route. You obviously know the game after playing it for a long time. And he could be the purest athlete ever to play the game. He’s a guy who will try his best to make the right call in all situations.

And let’s not forget that Tebow is sad. He could be the new Ed Hochuli.
College Power Trainer
I think one of the reasons Tebow wanted to play baseball and try in the NFL was because he remembers being part of the team. While his playing days may have passed for him, perhaps he could join the coaching staff as a strength coach. Tebow has been in good shape over the years, so he knows exactly what works with nutritional and weight lifting. And I have to imagine that there will be an incentive along the line.

Remember this amazing statement Tebow gave to Tennessee a few years ago
There are more than a few teams that can use that aside every Saturday.

NASCAR driver
Almost no region in the United States prefers Tebow more than the south.

So maybe Tebow needs to try a south-focused game.

NASCAR was born in the south. And its main fan base is still in the south. I think NASCAR fans will soon join forces with Tebow.

And it can be a dream come true for sponsors.

Now, can you drive? Probably not. But according to NASCAR fans, they don’t even know half of the field for any given Sunday.

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