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Hii this our About Us page ,we are Mr. Gaurav Gautam & Mr. sachin Gautam both of us live from a small village in Rampur District In the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. we have passed out 12th last year and have also taken many skills like “Digital marketing from Google”, “Finance From NSE” & Instagram marketing and web development & software development certificate.

That is why Our mentality Totally changed and we thought of

starting our own startup and we felt that only blogging was the

only way which can take us much further,so we choose this path

because we were very fond of thinking and writing something new since childhood.

on the strength of which we have started our new fast

in the blogging field on 07 May 2021.

In which we post many different type of blogs liks News Blog, Info Blog , personal Blog social Blog ,financial blog,and business leading blog etc. are published.That is our about us

>> Someone has said that age is just the number to do a work.
>> Life is a blank paper you can write what you want.

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It dosn’t matter how many resources you have if you can’t no how to use all of them all is worth

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