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Afganistan crises new live updates

Afganistan crises new updates :US troops kill two ‘armed men’ at Kabul airport, Pentagon says

Afganistan crises new live updates: Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden will return to the White House today to address the nation on US relocation to Afghanistan. His speech will come a day after the Taliban took control of the country.
Afghanistan crisis Live Updates: Pentagon said two “armed men”, possibly non-Taliban members, were shot dead by U.S. troops in Kabul. One soldier was wounded. Earlier, at least seven people were killed at Kabul airport as hundreds tried to force a flight into Afghanistan’s capital, witnesses told Reuters.

In Kabul, there was great peace, with many people fleeing their homes as Taliban deployed troops at major crossroads. There were scattered reports of robberies and armed men knocking on doors and gates, and there was less traffic than usual on the quiet streets in fear. Taliban militants were seen searching cars in one of the city’s largest squares.

Meanwhile, India said it was in contact with representatives of the Afghan Sikh, Hindu communities. “We will make it easier to return to India for those who wish to leave Afghanistan,” MEA spokesman Arindam Bagchi said during the forum.
Kabul, the final prize in all the wars in Afghanistan, fell to the Taliban on Sunday, ending their takeover of the country as a lightning strike that saw provinces and military commanders donate non-combatant, a few days after the immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops.

The DRM response to the withdrawal of Biden in Afghanistan has been an insult more

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