Afghanistan Taliban Live crisis

Afghanistan Taliban Live crisis

Afghanistan Taliban Live crisis :UNHCR Calls Special Session to Discuss Human Rights Violations in Afghanistan

Afghanistan Taliban Live crisis: UNHCR Calls Special Session to Discuss Human Rights Violations in Afghanistan

Afghanistan Taliban Crisis: UNHCR Holds Special Session Aug 24 Discussing Human Rights Violations in Afghanistan
The UNHCR has called for a special session on August 24, with 29 countries participating in the Taliban’s human rights violations in Afghanistan.

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Afghanistan Taliban Live crisis Canada will not accept Taliban as Afghan government: PM Trudeau
Canada has no plans to accept the Taliban as the Afghan government following the takeover of the Islamist group Kabul, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Tuesday.
Afghanistan Crisis LIVE: Taliban pledge to protect women’s rights, despite a history of oppression
Following a spate of lightning strikes across Afghanistan that saw many cities fall to rebels without war, the Taliban sought to establish themselves as a minority in the late 1990’s. But many Afghan people remain skeptical and thousands rush to the airport, eager to flee the country.

Afghanistan Taliban Live crisis: American troops deport 3200 people from Afghanistan so far
The U.S. military has deployed 3200 people to 1100 on Tuesday alone, AFP quoted a White House official as saying.

Also, thousands of Afghan refugees will be resettled in the UK after Taliban take control of Kabul, UK government says
Taliban crisis Taliban | Taliban to prevent Afghanistan from becoming a breeding ground for terrorism: NATO Secretary-General
The Taliban should prevent Afghanistan from reverting to a breeding ground for terrorism, said NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, adding that members of the alliance had the potential to respond to future threats.
Afghanistan Taliban Crisis LIVE: The Taliban on Tuesday held their first press conference at the Government Media and Information Center (GMIC) in Kabul. At the time of the publication, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid clarified the position of the Taliban government on various issues including women’s rights, foreign affairs, and more.

During a press conference, the Taliban vowed to respect women’s rights but in accordance with Islamic law, despite giving a few details. Mujahid said the Taliban were committed to providing for women, whose rights were based on Islam. She also clarified that women can work in the health sector and in other fields where they are needed.

Britain will work with other countries to avoid a catastrophic humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan and any recognition of the new government must be done internationally, Prime Minister Boris Johnson told his Pakistani counterpart on Tuesday.

“The Prime Minister reaffirmed his commitment to working with international partners to prevent a catastrophe in Afghanistan and in the wider region,” a spokesman for Downing Street said after a phone call from Imran Khan of Pakistan.

Pakistan is in contact with other countries and will take a decision on the recognition of the Taliban government in Afghanistan on the basis of a regional decision, Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry said on Tuesday. Speaking at a press conference after the Cabinet meeting, he said Pakistan would not take a unanimous decision on Kabul’s capture by the Taliban. We are in contact with our friends, regionally and internationally, and will make the right decision, Chaudhry said.

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