Bachpan ka pyar badshah song

Bachpan ka pyar badshah song

Badshah make new song with sahdev

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Bachpan ka pyar badshah song :Sahdev Dirdo’s HIV song “Bachpan Ka Pyaar” inspired Badshah to perform one of them. The music video also features Aastha Gill and Rico.

Bachpan ka pyar badshah song viral

The video of Young Sahdev Dirdo ‘singing Blespan Ka Pyaar’ by Kamlesh Barot, which he called ‘baspan’ made him feel like a virus. And now popstars Badshah, Aastha Gill and Rico have released a similar version featuring Sahdev himself. Dropping the video on Wednesday, Badshah wrote on Instagram, “#BachpanKaPyaar poora gaana, finally Out Now! Watch aur batao kaisa laga.The music video opens with Sahdev trying to seduce a little girl. Since her charm has no effect on her, she tries to add swag by donating very large sunglasses for the purpose of pleasing her. Suddenly, popstars come in and make a jig with the feeling of a virus. What happens next is confusing as we meet a young couple in a shopping mall, and the artists play mennequins. What did the director think?

Bachpan ka pyar badshah song Bachpan ka pyar badshah song Bachpan ka pyar badshah song Bachpan ka pyar badshah song Bachpan ka pyar badshah song Bachpan ka pyar badshah song

When you come to this song, it is not surprising as this version of “Bachpan Ka Pyaar” sounds exactly like any Badshah number. Nonsense words and forced agreement do not sound right, to say the least. The moment he hits the right note is when Sahdev goes to “Baspan ka pyaar, bhul nahi jana re”. Given that the song is already popular on social media, this version will soon be considered a favorite at events.

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Fans also had a field time as they posted funny comments on this video. One fan wrote, “Is bhaisab mujhe chakkar aa rhe h 🥴🥴🤢🤮,” and another wrote, “Bus karo bhai😭😭😭.” While a few Badshah fans also loved this music video as they put heart and heart on fire in his post.

In one of the posts shared by Badshah, Sahdev is happily seen watching his music video. As the rapper asks him who is in the video, he says “Badshah aur main.”

The singer posted the title of this, “When he first met me, he brought me a gift from his hometown. One of the most precious things I have. I wish you all the best for your Sahdev future. And we’ll make sure you learn about paye. ”

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