Big First Response

Big First Response

Big First Response: It Has Been Exceeded – Shane Warne, Kevin Pietersen Loves ECB’s New Baby

Big First Response: Hundreds “will be bigger and better” in the years to come, you feel the celebrity Shane Warne and former England star Kevin Pietersen after a 100-ball tournament enjoying the first opening program. he is in front of a house full of Lords on Saturday, leaving the cricket team happy.

“I think the expectations have gone beyond that,” London Spirit coach Warne told Sky Sports.

“Cricket that has been on display, a skill that has been shown to all the different teams at different times, has come to the fore.”

The Oval Invincibles took the women’s title and Southern Brave won the men’s competition.

“Seeing the houses full of places you go, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday night in Birmingham, Manchester, London – was packed and crowds really came into it and I think it was fun! It will be bigger and better every year.

“I think it’s exciting to see how it really took you thinking,” Warne said.

The competition was held in the wake of the COVID-19 epidemic, which reversed the beginning of the year.

Competing teams play one innings made up of 100 balls each in a game that takes about two and a half hours. It is well thought out to draw a young cricket audience.

Pietersen, the former England captain, is not surprised by the response of the tournament, which he won in its first edition.

“It’s cool to see franchise cricket in the UK,” he said.

“What we do know is that the British public is very supportive of sports.

“It doesn’t matter what, where; The Tour de France started in the country a few years ago and there were streets full of people watching them.

“So you knew that big games, summer games like cricket would be supported,” Pietersen said.

The star boxer of England of his time, who also played franchise cricket, added, “Seeing these scenes, seeing franchise cricket here and seeing it well celebrated and supported – I love it.

“My little boy, that’s the audience you want, you want the kids in, and you shout! He’s holding his Southern Brave jumper and he’s running here.

“The audience is already there, the boys (players) were smart, donating their time.”

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