Biography of Dushyant kukreja

Biography of Dushyant kukreja

Biography of Dushyant kukreja

Biography of Dushyant kukreja :Hey guys, I think you know who Dushyant Kukreja is, if you don’t know Dushyant Kukreja Biography and Success Story then read this article carefully.

Recently he get gold play button from YouTube.

Guys, Dushyant Kukreja is a famous Model & Social Media Influencer. He was born in a middle-class family in Hisar, Haryana, India on 08 March 1996 and is 25 years old on March 2021.

His real name is Dushyant Kukreja, but people also know him by the name Dushyant (His Nick Name).

Biography of Dushyant kukreja Biography of Dushyant kukreja Biography of Dushyant kukreja Biography of Dushyant kukreja

She started her career as a Social Media Star with Tik Tok but after the ban on Tik Tok in India she works full time on Instagram and MX TakaTak and uploads reels regularly, She also uploads her short video on her YouTube channel.

Dushyant Kukreja is 5 meters 9 inches tall, weighs 65 Kg and has black hair and black eyes.

You have 785k followers on Instagram account (dushyant.kukreja).

2.36m subscribers to YouTube (Dushyant Kukreja).

It also works on MX TakaTak

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Dushyant Kukreja Biography

Full name Dushyant Kukreja
The famous name Dushyant Kukreja
Nickname Dushyant
Professional Media Media Star
His hometown is Harar, Haryana, India
He is best known as Tik Toker and Instagram Star

Dushyant Kukreja’s personal life

Birthday 08 March 1996
Age 25 years March 2021
Place of Birth Hisar, Haryana, India
Indian nationality

  1. What is Dushyant Kukreja real name?
    The real name of Dushyant Kukreja is Dushyant Kukreja.
  2. What is Dushyant Kukreja’s nickname?
    Dushyant Kukreja’s nickname is Dushyant.

No. 3: What Is Dushyant Kukreja’s Birthday (Birthday)?
Dushyant Kukreja’s birthday (Birthday) is 08 March 1996.

  1. What is the age of Dushyant Kukreja?
    Dushyant Kukreja’s actual age is 25 March 2021.
  2. Is Dushyant Kukreja married?
    No, Dushyant Kukreja is single.
  3. Who is Dushyant Kukreja Girlfriend?
    Dushyant Kukreja’s Girlfriend Name Unknown (Unknown) on Social Media Platform).
  4. What is Dushyant Kukreja’s name?
    Dushyant Kukreja’s Sister’s name is Priyal Kukreja.
  5. Does Dushyant Kukreja have a son?
    No, Dushyant Kukreja has no son.
  6. What is the appropriate Dushyant Kukreja value?
    Dushyant Kukreja’s Net Worth is __.
  7. Does Dushyant Kukreja smoke?
    No, Dushyant Kukreja does not smoke.
  8. Does Dushyant Kukreja drink alcohol?
    No, Dushyant Kukreja does not drink Alcohol.
  9. What is the height of Dushyant Kukreja?
    Dushyant Kukreja’s height is 5’9 ″.
  10. What is Dushyant Kukreja’s weight?
    Dushyant Kukreja’s weight is 65 Kg.
  11. Which year is Dushyant Kukreja working on Social Platforms?
    The year 2019 to Dushyant Kukreja is working on the Social Media Platform.

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