Brett Butler news

Brett Butler news

Brett Butler of ‘Grace Under Fire’ explains why he broke

Brett Butler of ‘Grace Under Fire’ explains why he broke: Former Brett Butler, former star of “Grace Under Fire” has fallen into disrepair.

He was recently the talk of the GoFundMe fundraiser started by a friend – despite making a $ 250,000 episode of his 1990s hot ABC series.

Butler told The Hollywood Reporter that he had six months left on his job and was worried that he might have waited too long to allow his friend to launch GoFundMe.

“I was embarrassed,” she said. “I’m almost ashamed of myself.”

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The sitcom was based on Butler’s life, which included heavy drinking and abusive marriage.

He said the pressure of being in a popular sport contributed to the addiction of pain killer Vicodin, who had been given sciatica.

“At the end of the bloodbath, I was really hard,” he told the letter. “I was crazy. Drugs will do that to you. The show had to be pulled faster than it actually was. ”

Butler said he finally came to his senses after the show was canceled in 1998 after five seasons. However, he says poor financial decisions, theft by people he trusted, and inability to work due to the epidemic have led him to the problem he is currently facing.

“That’s just stupid to me, not having insurance for those things,” he said of the theft. “And borrowing and donating a lot of money. I really felt very guilty about having it – I almost couldn’t get rid of it quickly enough. ”

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