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What Is Career ?

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1 What Is Career ?

Career is an action, which is taken by every person, if the decision taken is of his field, then it will prove to be right for him and not his field, then it is going to be proved wrong for him, if the decision taken is of your field. You will get interest, if interest comes, you will learn and if you learn, you will also earn good what you want. If it is not in your field, then you will not even learn, then you will not even be earning.
Because the ancestors have said that learning is sequentially proportional to learning: –

Earning  Learning

c1 2 good career Vs bad career
Best career option select is decide your future..
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Good Vs Bad Career: –

It all depends on you whom you want well, if you take that #career then it will prove to be good for you. If you do not choose your preferred #Career, it will cause a lot of damage on your #career, whose loss you will have to face for your whole life.

Like I’m going to tell you my friend’s story –

He wanted to be a good cricketer like a Sachin Tendulkar but due to family tension he preferred his intermediate exam and due to his lack of mind he neither did well in his exams nor his favorite career in cricket, and that is why Since he failed his intermediate exam, and he tried to commit suicide due to stress, you still choose your career in which your interest is, he has conquered his stress.

Is career a part of life ?

Some people consider career to be a part of life but I do not consider #career as a part of life. I believe that it is a necessity for living life, which gives you a morning, so that you fulfill your need and spend your life. Are

How to choose a career ?

ca good career Vs bad career

You should not choose a career by looking at someone because if you chose your #career after seeing your friend, then it was a duplicate, which will not give you success in your life, you will go on to become a demotivate your whole life as if my friend chose IIT. I should also choose IIT, it is not necessary, I am good, I should choose the field as if I can do good acting, then I should choose acting and not IIT

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