Today we will know some such Career options which are good for girls, let's go as compared to engineering

Career options

Best career options after  12th pcm for girl other than engineering

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1 Best career options after 12th pcm for girl other than engineering

Today we will know some such Career options which are good for girls, let’s go as compared to engineering    

10 best Career options after 12th pcm for girl and boys other than engineering –

1. Career options Bachelor of Science – Graduation in Physics

The BSc. Physics degree is a 3-year course, which is divided into six semesters according to UGCs latest guidelines. There are many Government, as well as private colleges that offer this degree.

The eligibility of this course is, the student must pass with the minimum marks prescribed by the college as the cutoff marks, with Physics, Chemistry, Maths/Biology as well as English. The average tuition fee for this course, all around India is 30000. There are many career options for a student after pursuing BSc. Physics – statistician, content developer, quality control manager etc.

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2. Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

 With PCM as a subject combination, you may love these subjects and want to stick with one of them. If chemistry is your favorite subject, there are many job options if you take it

up for your bachelor’s degree. You can become a technical writer, chemist, as well as a researcher if you, for others, take up the subject as an academic endeavour.

3. Career options Bachelor of Business Administration

This BBA Course degree is for three years. You will be eligible for this professional course if you can secure for yourself at least 50% in your board examination.

The course will be divided into six semesters. There are many career options available for you if you choose this as your path; ranging from HR, data analyst to project manager in an IT company.

4. Career options Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Mathematics

This is a bachelor’s degree course for a duration of 3 years, and you can get a salary of 3 to 5 lacs per annum in the government teaching jobs if you do a post-graduate degree in mathematics after you complete your UG level graduation.
There are ample career options like – teacher, statistician, corporate trainer etc.

5. Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) Aviation

This is a great option for those who want to make a career in aviation. The annual average tuition fee for this subject ranges from 1.5 lacs to 2.5 lacs (source).

You can find a job as a Production & Maintenance manager, software testing engineer, aircraft maintenance engineer, etc.

6.  Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) Statistics

There are many jobs available that need statisticians to fill up the portfolio. This is a highly interesting subject that you can take up. It is a 3-year course. It is a skill that almost every sector needs. If you can get a specialization in some other subject along with this degree depending upon your interest, you will get the opportunity to work in some outstanding jobs in both corporate as well as government sector.

7.Career options Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Agriculture

This course is for four years, and it has a multidisciplinary approach

that teaches you to plant biochemistry, management,

agronomy, the study of pests and crops, etc. Some of

the jobs that you can get with this subject’s

specialization are agriculture officer, assistant plantation

manager, agricultural research scientist, etc.

8. Diploma in Nautical Science

This is a one year course for which you have to secure 55% in your board examination to be eligible to take up this diploma.

After complete of this diploma, you may get a chance to work in

educational , Indian Naval Sciences, port operations

companies, etc.

9. Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) Computer Science

This 3-year course teaches you about topics which are related to computer application ranging from different software and hardware.

You can consider this as a mini engineering course as the subjects would be quite similar to what you have in an engineering programme.

This is the age of the computer, and it is a vital part of our life. Hence this course comes with lucrative career options. In the government-funded institutions, the course fees are as low as 15000. You can work as a system analyst, with a well-paid salary if you take this up as your subject.

10. Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Animation and Multimedia

It is a 3-year undergraduate course, and you can secure for yourself a successful career in multimedia and animation if you take it up. The average tuition fee can range from 1.5 lacs to 4.5 lacs.

Since both YouTube and digital media is popular than the mainstream media, there are ample career opportunities in this field.

You can explore career options in Bollywood, big media houses as well as animation houses across the country.

Best career options 12th pcm for girl with high salary.

Best Career options 12th pcm for girl with high salary

In this article i will tell you 5 high pay career option (excluding most of engineering courses) after class 12th PCM which most of student ignores.

Career options IT ( Information Technology ) Sector :

package – 1.2 lakhs to 34 lakhs per anum

IT sector is the base of many corporate offices and therefore there is huge demand of employees in IT sector.

If you love computer and programming than this field is just for you, a talented person in this field can earn good amount of money but as a fresher and intern you may suffer first to find jobs but one with passion into computers can get job easily.

Career path: After class 12th science stream PCM you can opt for any of these courses for IT:

  • B.E  (Bachelor of Engineering)
  • B.Tech  (Bachelor of Technology)
  • BCA (Bachelor of Computer application)
  • BS (Bachelor of Science in computer engineering)

Salary: IT is a broad field and your salary can vary depending upon your job profile. In IT sector your salary can be low as 1.24 lacs per month and can go up to 34 lacs per annum as well if you become project manager.

 2. Ethical Hacker :

Package – 12 lacss to 80 lacs per annum

So with the growth of digital India, risk of data leaks and hacking also increases. This is where you need help of an ethical hacker. 

Work of an ethical hacker is to find out security loopholes. 

Eligibility: In ethical hacking your skills and computer knowledge matters more than your degree still a degree in computer science is recommended.  Salary: Salary in ethical hacking is pretty high compare to IT sector. Salary can range from as low as 12lacs per annum to as high as 80 lacs per annum.

3. Data Scientist :

pacakge – 3 lacs to 20 lacs per annum

Well, data is an important factor in any industry. Proper data analysis and action based on data is needed for any company or industry to grow.

These companies deal with huge amount of data whether it’s from their accounts, customers or any thing and a proper data analysis is important and this is where a role of data scientist comes.

Data scientists are basically person who do proper analysis of data so that a proper action can be taken to initiate the growth of company or an industry.

Skills: 1. Higher education (masters and Phd degree in computer science, physical science or statistics). 2. R programming 3. Phython coding 4. Hadoop platform 5. SQL database 6. Apache spark 7. Machine learning and AI 8. Data visulaization 9. Unstructured data.

Salary: Depending upon qualifications and job profile a salary of data scientist can range from 3 lacs to even 30 lacs per annum as well.

 4.Mathematician :

Package – 7 lacs per year easily

Maths is universal! Mathematics is used in every field and therefore mathematician is needed. These guys are expert in maths.

They use theories to solve mathematic problems in various fields such as science, business and engineering as well. They use their mathematical knowledge and skills to prove or disapprove different theories or to analyze data and many other things.

Eligibility: In India after class 12th PCM you need to continue with bachelor’s, master’s and eventually Phd degree in mathematics.
Salary: Mathematician are highly respected and earn good amount of money with their skills. They can have more than one earning source so therefore salary is pretty high. On an average a mathematician can earn around 7 lacs per annum easily and even more than that.

5. Physicist :

Package – 10 lacs per year easily

So if you love physics then this profession suits you. Physicist is someone who is expert in physics this people can become scientist as well.

If you are a physicist just like a mathmatician you have multiple career option, you can be professor, researcher, scientist and even teacher all at the same time.

Eligibility: So if you want to become physicist you need to have bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and phd in physics.

Salary: A physicist has more than one income source like tutor, professor, researcher, scientist and many more, therefore he can easily earn 10 lacs per year and even more than that.

Best Career options 12th pcb

In this article i will tell you 5 high pay career option (excluding most of engineering courses) after class 12th PCB which most of student ignores.


MBBS, an acronym for Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of

surgery is a 5 year long un-graduate program which is u

nder taken by students aspiring to be doctors in the near future. In order to pursue one of the most popular courses after 12th PCB, you must have completed 12th from a Science streem with biology as a compulsory subject and should qualify the NEET entrance exam. The course trains the individuals about various ailments that people suffer from by developing an absolute understanding of human anatomy and how it is afflicted by various factors.


BDS or Bachelor of Dental Surgery as it stands for is a 5 year-long un-graduate

program that imparts extensive knowledge and equips you with the skills

related to dental practices for oral hygiene and oral well-being.

The course emphasizes on concerns related to the oral cavity of individuals,

encompassing all things essential from normal hygiene at home to

diseases that may affect the region. After all, a good smile goes a long way.

Graduation in vet science

the most opted courses after 12th PCB. The course, which is offered by scores of

Dealing with the study of animal health and well-being, vet science is one of

Veterinary colleges across the world,  aims at training individuals about animal

behaviour etc.

Bachelor of commercial Therapy

Another notable mention in the list of courses after 12th PCB is the Bachelor of

commercial Therapy Running for a period of 3-4 years, this UG degree

aims to equip you with the skills to help those, who are suffering from a debilitating

physical or mental disorder become self-sufficient. With the world realizing the

importance of mental health and  practical knowledge required to treat stress .

Bio -physics

For those of you who want to pursue a path that encompasses the elements of both

Physics and Biology, Bio – physics is an best option to consider.

Career options Diploma Courses After 12th PCB


From Radiology and Nursing to Environmental Science and

Physiotherapy, you can also opt for short term courses after

12th PCB. They are offered either in the form of certificates

or diplomas and some of them have been given a rundown below:

  • yoga
  • Pharmacy
  • science
  • Nursing
  • Environmental Science
  • Fashion Communication
  • Agriculture
  • Digital marketing

Courses After 12th PCB Other Than Medical

Aside from Medical, a PCB student may take a variety of other courses after Class

XII. Here we listing eight different streams to opt for other than studying medical.

  • Botany
  • Zoology
  • Bio – chemistry

High salary courses after 12th science pcm other than engineer

In this article we learn best career option after 12th science other than engineering if you want to get high salary package other than engineering you have to do diplomas

Top 5  Fashion Designing Courses After 12th Science

1. Arch

 2. M. Arch

3. Master of Landscape Architecture

4. Diploma in Architectural

5. B.Sc Aeronautical Engineering

Govt Jobs after 12th  pcm

If you want to get jobs after 12th you have to click here

Best Career options after 12th commerce without maths

Top 5 career option without math

1. B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce)

One of the most popular career options in commerce without maths is Bachelor of Commerce. A B.Com degree lasts for three years and covers the fundamental concepts of finance, accounting, business, and other commerce-related subjects; this course gives you an overview of various commerce fields and makes you acquainted with the same. B.Com is a great option when you want to pursue subjects in commerce without maths. In a B.Com course, you get to study corporate tax, company law, financial accounting, bookkeeping, business management, audition, etc. It’s undoubtedly an excellent choice for students who want to pursue finance, insurance, accounting, and business career.

2. B.Com (H) (Bachelor of Commerce Honors)

As you are interested in pursuing a career and learning subjects in commerce without Maths, you can get a B.Com (Honors) degree after completing the 12th exams. It is an excellent option for students that didn’t pick mathematics as a subject in commerce. On top of that, you don’t necessarily need to be an expert in mathematics to pursue this course. The best thing about B.Com (Honors) is that it allows you to specialize in a subject of your choice. Many students get confused between B.Com and B.Com (Honors).

Both degrees cover the fundamentals of commerce and its related subjects, but there’s a vast difference between the two. A B.Com course gives you an overview of the various commerce-related issues, whereas a B.Com (Honors) course lets you specialize in a particular commerce-related subject.

That’s why the demand for B.Com (Honors) is higher in the industry. If you’re focused on specializing in a specific topic, B.Com (Honors) will give you a fantastic career after 12th commerce without maths. 

Some of the popular subject choices to specialize in the B.Com (Honors) course are:

  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Economics
  • Accounting
  • International Business
  • Information Science
  • Management
  • Accounts
  • Taxation
  • Investment Management
  • Law
  • Banking (and Insurance)
  • Human Resources

3. BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)

It helps you build a strong foundation to learn and understand the advanced concepts of management and organization. If you’re planning on doing an MBA in the future, then doing a BBA can definitely be helpful. It will make you familiar with many of the concepts an MBA course covers.

4. LLB (Bachelor in Law / Legum Baccalaureus)

Another popular career choice for 12th students is Bachelor in Law. While the conventional LLB degree is a postgraduate course, you can get one of these by doing an integrated course. An integrated course such as BA+LLB allows you to get a law degree right after completing the 12th standard. The integrated course for law lasts for five years, but with it, you don’t have to pursue a law degree separately. Popular integrated courses for doing law are:

  • BA + LLB
  • BBA + LLB
  • BSc + LLB
  • BCom + LLB

An LLB degree teaches you about the various laws present in our country and gives you an overview of the same. You get to learn about Indian law, legal practices, and the relevant concepts. Some of its subjects are human rights, contract law, tax laws, tort law, labor laws, equity and trusts, IPR, evidence law, and many others. Apart from learning about various laws, you get to understand the judiciary system and how it operates.

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