Carl Lawson

Carl Lawson

MRI designed for Carl Lawson: Achilles

Carl Lawson was injured today in a joint venture with the Green Bay Packers.

But his presence gave the Jets great hope – the hope that their youngsters would be safe because the quarterbacks would be in a hurry, hopefully their defense would be able to carry the case and the rookie quarterback who would have a hard time finding its way, who is outside waiting.

The pop of his Achilles, however, was like a pin in a Jets balloon. The atmosphere of joy and hope and the vigilant hope surrounding the defense and the team suddenly disappeared. If he is lost this season, it is as much emotional pain as it is physical. It will be the first real problem Saleh has to face in his seven-month head-to-head job.

We will have an update if the MRI results are back. In the meantime you can read more about Carl Lawson Achilles Injuries in our forums.

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