Competitors are angry with Windows 11 for making it difficult

Competitors are angry with Windows 11 for making it difficult

Competitors are angry with Windows 11 for making it difficult for users to change default browsers

Competitors are angry with Windows 11 for making it difficult : Microsoft Windows 11 is expected to be released soon and the new OS will bring a lot of changes and improvements.

One of the features Microsoft has added to Windows 11 is to change the way automated apps are presented in the new operating system making it very difficult for users to change the default browsers if they only lose the initial prompt. This has selected companies such as Google, Opera, and Mozilla Firefox. According to a report in The Verge, in Windows 11 if you forget to set your default browser to one of the options when Windows 11 was first launched, the process of doing so later is much more confusing than it was in Windows 10.

Default app information in Windows 11 is all you see, the report says and this appears when you install a new browser and open a web link for the first time in the OS. This is the only user opportunity to easily change browsers in Windows 11. If you miss this, you will be asked to set a default file or link type instead of a single switch.

“Chrome and many other competing browsers tend to encourage users to set it as default and will throw Windows users into the default components of the app to make this easier,” said The Verge. Microsoft’s main idea behind something like this is, obviously, to keep users in its browser and not let them choose another one and set it as default. And it is understandable that the likes of Google, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera are not happy with this feature.

“We’ve been very concerned about what’s happening in Windows. Since Windows 10, users have had to take additional and unnecessary steps to set up and maintain their default browser settings. , told The Verge.

“This comes from a company that claims to be the most open, ‘most unique’,” said Hiroshi Lockheimer, Google’s head of Android, Chrome and Chrome OS. “I hope this is just a developer preview, and the shipping version for Windows 11 is in line with their claims. This is not ‘optional,'” he added.

Opera said it was unfortunate that a platform retailer was hiding a case used to improve the quality of their product “.
Microsoft has not commented on any of these yet. The company is currently testing its new Office UI designed to fill Windows 11 and games in rounded corners similar to other hidden changes. The new features here include a rounded look at the Office ribbon bar and tweaks to other buttons in Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

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