De jure Transfer Day in Puducherry in 2021

De jure Transfer Day in Puducherry in 2021

De jure Transfer Day in Puducherry in 2021

When is the date for De Jure Transfer?

De Jure Transfer Day is an Indian regional public holiday observed at the union site in Puducherry on August 16th.

It commemorates the official merger of Puducherry with the Indian Union on this day in 1962. As the day always follows Indian Independence Day on August 15, it creates a two-day break in the union area.

De jure Transfer Day in Puducherry in 2021 De jure Transfer Day in Puducherry in 2021 De jure Transfer Day in Puducherry in 2021 De jure Transfer Day in Puducherry in 2021

De Jure Transfer Day

Perhaps most surprising to many people, when India gained its independence from Britain in August 1947, there were still continental sections remaining under European rule such as Goa (Portuguese) and Puducherry (French).

When European powers first arrived on the Indian subcontinent and sought to force colonial influence in the 16th century, it was East Indian companies in England and Holland who set up trade and settlement centers. The French soon entered the fray, and the French East Indian Company (‘La Compagnie française des Indes Orientales’) established a presence in many parts of India’s 17th century.

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In 1674, the municipality of Pondicherry became a French colony of the French colonial empire. Pondicherry later joined other French colonies in Chandernagor, Mahé, Yanam, Karaikal and Masulipatam to form France India. French India was ruled by Pondicherry.

The territories of France India were transferred to the Republic of India de facto (actually) on November 1 1954, and de jure (officially) on August 16th 1962.

On the day of the de jure transfer, France India ceased to exist, when the award agreement signed between the French and Indian governments was approved by the French Parliament. This means that the four coastal areas of France became the current site of the Indian unions in Puducherry. The northeastern colony of Chandernagor was replaced by West Bengal in 1954.

The de facto transfer in 1954 commemorates the regional public holiday, Freedom Day, on November 1 each year.

Did you know?
The union field is a kind of administrative division in India. All the provinces of India have their own governments. Union areas are state areas directly controlled by the union government). Several union areas have continued to become provinces.

History of De Jure Transfer Day

Although India gained independence on August 15, 1947, most parts of the country remained under European control. Among them were Puducherry and Goa.

Pondicherry Municipality became part of the French colony in 1674. French India was formed after Pondicherry joined Masulipatam, Karaikal, Yanam, Mahe and Chandernagor. On November 1, 1954, the territory of France India was transferred to the Republic of India de facto.

On August 16, 1962, the presence of France in India ended and the French Parliament ratified the treaty signed by the Indian government and the French government. November 1 (the transfer is completed) is also a public holiday and is known as Freedom Day.

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