Egyptian Premier League

Egyptian Premier League

Egyptian Premier League : The newly formed Egypt Club Association has announced that the new season of the Egypt Premier League will not have significant changes to its schedule.

Due to the late start of the Egyptian Premier League, there has been speculation that next season’s campaign plan could be changed.

However, ECA president Ahmed Diab has announced that more parties will vote against changes to the system so next season will not be any different.

“Next season will be played normally according to the talks we had with the teams in the Egyptian Premier League,” Diab said.

“Most clubs have agreed on a standard home & away league plan, the draw will be on October 12, and the program will be aired until 2021 AFCON, the entire process will be announced after that.”

Diab then described the newly formed League Cup trophy: “Participation in the League Cup will be mandatory, it will take place during the 2021 AFCON.

“The clubs will be divided into three teams, each team consisting of six teams, with first place ready to advance to the next stage in line with the top finisher in second place more.”

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