Facebook, afraid of public outcry, has hidden a previous report on popular posts

For Facebook, Amazon wants to be approved by the US to use an underwater data cable

For Facebook, Amazon wants to be approved by the US to use an underwater data cable

WASHINGTON: Facebook Inc and Amazon.com Inc have asked the US government to authorize the use of a new underwater data cable between the Philippines and California after China Mobile agreed to opt out of the program, a government agency said on Friday.
Facebook Inc on Friday released end-to-end encryption for voice and video calls to Messenger, adding another layer of privacy to its widely used social media platform.

WhatsApp and Messenger Facebook services already have one-time encryption for personal messages sent by users.

This communications giant has been adding audio and video features to its portfolio of messaging services.

These features have gained popularity over the past year as people have been seeking regular contact during the coronavirus epidemic.

“We will also launch a limited trial with adults in some countries that allow them to opt in at the end of encrypted messages and request individual conversations on Instagram,” Facebook said on the blog, adding that the security feature would be tested again in the coming weeks in Messenger`s group discussions.

Meanwhile, Facebook-owned WhatsApp has recently introduced the ‘view once’ feature of millions of its users worldwide. Using the newly introduced feature, you can share photos and videos that disappear with your contacts. Read Also: Lost Aadhaar Card? See the step-by-step guide to the arrival and delivery of PVC Aadhaar

“For many phones, simply taking a picture means it will take up space on your camera permanently. That is why today we are releasing new photos and videos of Watch Once that disappear from the conversation after it is opened, which gives users the power to control their privacy, “said Facebook. Read also: Atal Pension Jojana: Get Rs 5000 per month.

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