For Jimmy Hayes memory

For Jimmy Hayes memory

For Jimmy Hayes memory

For Jimmy Hayes memory: This morning, the Boston College Hockey icon Jimmy Hayes tragically died at the age of 31.

Hayes played for Boston College from 2008-2011 before going to pro and playing for Chicago Blackhawks, Florida Panthers, Devil New Jersey, and their hometown of Boston Bruins, and several AHL teams. Hayes was followed by BC by his brother Kevin and his cousin Ryan and Casey Fitzgerald.

In Boston College, Hayes was a member of the 2010 National Championship team. He also won 2 beempots and 2 East Hockey Championships with Eagles.

Hayes played an important role in a number of BC games, including printing overtime games winners in beempot 2011 against Northeastern, and scored 2 goals in 23 seconds (and celebrated with John Wall) in a 9-7 victory at Yale Regional NCAA 2010. He left BC with 41 Career Objectives and 81 Career Points.

Hayes is also invested in giving back. After his friend, former Boston College and Babson Hockey Corey Griffin, died in 2014, Hayes changed his number to 11 in the honor of Griffin. He also played in many hockey charity matches, including the Comm of the Classic, who raised money for Travis Roy Foundation and Wesfat Care ALS.

As a player, Hayes is always fun to watch because it is very clear how big he enjoys playing. And outside his hockey career, Hayes’s personality made him beloved in his hometown of Dorchester, at Boston College, and throughout the hockey community.

Ask anyone about him, and the first thing they will say is that he is a great man who is always ready with jokes and smiles. Like Jerry York to Globe Matt Porter this morning, “of all the children I have trained, of course at my top 5 as far as pleasing to train, to hang in the dressing room with. The contribution of off-ice for our team, I admire so much time different. “

Our minds with family, friends, and Jimmy teammates. His very positive attitude will be passed by all who know him more news,

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