Happy constitution Day about history

Happy constitution Day about history

Happy constitution Day about histor: Happy Constitutional Day about historyOn September 17, 1787 – 234 years ago today – the delegates to the constitutional assembly who had passed the final document signed and sent it on their way to confirmation. We now celebrate that day as Constitution Day, to acknowledge our debt to them and to remind ourselves (as it is clear we can use a reminder) of the extraordinary governance they have created.

If you are free and online at 11 a.m. in the East today (or if you want to watch a video later), you should check out the annual American Enterprise Institute talk for Constitution Day, to be presented this year by top American historian Wilfred McClay. His title is “The Constitution on American Social Education,” which may be timely and very important. You can sign up for free and get a live feed with the following video here.

I also found my article on the home page today about the future of the successive constitution – given the difficult moment when this important project finds itself now.

But most of all, try to take the time to read the Constitution today. Aligugi. more.

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