International Cat Day

International Cat Day

Today International Cat Day

On August 8, the world looks forward to International Cat Day to celebrate and learn more about one of the most common and ancient human animals. Announced by the International Animal Safety Fund, World Cat Day has been celebrated since 2002. Our dear friends eat a lot of the time and are one of the coldest people in the world. Words like independence, curiosity, and curiosity are appropriate for these furry mammals.

International Cat day : History

Cats are the most fertile fur mammals – for the most part – with four legs, a tail and claws, people who have bred them as pets since ancient times, even though they descended from African Wildcat and used to catch insects.

The earliest human history of cats was found in the traditions of Ancient Egypt Civilization. We all seem to associate cats with the Egyptians, for the praise and consideration of cats as gods. Mafdet was the first known cat god and was considered a protector of snakes, scorpions, and evil during the First Empire, so for them, cats were not only idols, but also protectors.

cats International Cat Day

Later, after the fall of the Egyptian Empire, Cats roared everywhere! The Greeks and Romans used them as pest control, and in the Orient, cats were originally owned by the wealthy and wealthy. But in the Middle Ages, in Europe, Cats were associated with superstition and were suspected of contracting the disease during the Black Death of 1348, which is why many cats were killed at that time, and it was not until the 1600s that the cat’s reputation began to return.

In America, cats were part of the burden on colonial ships to reduce pests and diseases, so those cats that went to the coast prospered. These days, cats seem to be one of the pop icons in today’s society – we have about half a billion of us. And, since 2002, we are grateful to the cats “International Fund for Animal Welfare” cats who have their own holiday.

National Cat day

National Cat Day is celebrated on October 29. It was founded by Colleen Paige to raise awareness of the number of cats that need to be rescued each year. Cats remind us that when you think they have lost interest in you, they will turn and melt your hearts. If they appear to be too busy staring at passing cars, chasing nylon rats, and sending small colored balls to their graveyard under the refrigerator, they will somehow let you know that their own world is around. Linda. It  will  hаррen  when  yоu  leаst  exрeсt  it.  Саts  hаve  their  оwn  schedule.

National cat Day :History

Lifestyle writer Colleen Paige took credit for establishing National Cat Day in 2005. His work said: “To help the community identify the number of cats that need to be rescued each year and to encourage cat lovers to celebrate cats in their lives because of the unconditional love and relationships they give us. ”

We believe in him wonderfully. He seems to love all cats – domestic and wild – and we really enjoy that.

The journal Science reports that cat breeding goes back 12,000 years. That includes more toys and more sleep. This process seems to have taken place in the Middle East – think of Israel, Iraq, and Lebanon. Homework did not happen overnight. Cats did not go from wild animals to clean-cut organs – just, kind, for one day.

According to National Geographic: “DNA analysis suggests that cats lived thousands of years before humans were bred. At the same time, their genes have changed slightly from those of wild cats, with the exception of one recent tweak: different stripes and tabby cat dots. ”

A study by University of Rome scholar Claudio Ottoni reveals that ancient sailors came with cats “to help protect food stores in the boat by killing rats. This has allowed cats to spread around the world. ”

We’re glad they’re spread out. Like dogs, which get all the glory for love, cats feel everything we do. They can measure our emotional and emotional well-being – and act accordingly. They have also given up their natural desire to live in homes and apartments. (The cat is mostly in the house.)

Take a moment on National Cat Day to thank all the love they bring. Yes, they are on the dividing side, but they are from far away.

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International Cat Day International Cat Day International Cat Day International Cat Day International Cat Day

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