International Literacy Day

International Literacy Day

World Literacy Day 2021: Theme, Significance, Background

World Literacy Day 2021: The world celebrates International Literacy Day today. Literacy is the most important aspect of people’s lives and to commemorate this, World Literacy Day is held annually on September 8.

New Delhi: The country celebrates International Literacy Day today. Literacy is the most important aspect of people’s lives and to remind them of this, World Literacy Day is celebrated every year on September 8. basic literacy skills. Celebrating Literacy Day around the world is important to spread awareness among young people.

World Literacy Day 2021: Defining the Theme

The world has been plagued by a global epidemic of the COVID-19 virus for almost two years and as a result education and writing have been severely disrupted. This year, to reduce education disparities, the United Nations Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has announced the celebration of International Literacy Day 2021 under the theme “Literacy for a human-recovery: Narrowing the digital split”.

UNESCO wrote on Twitter: “Digital skills have become an important factor in obtaining life-saving information. But more than half the world’s population lacks basic computer skills. We must intensify our efforts to enhance #reading and writing skills for all! ”

This theme will focus on exploring opportunities to spread learning knowledge created by inclusive technology. No one should be left out in the pursuit of his or her right to read and write.

World Literacy Day 2021: Why is it important to celebrate ILD?

According to UNESCO, “At the time of the outbreak, schools were closed and disrupted the education of 62.3 percent of the world’s 1.09 billion students.” As a result of the epidemic, classes were moved online and this exposed divisions affecting communication, infrastructure, and the ability to engage with technology.

International Literacy Day (ILD) 2021 has been celebrated on September 8 since 1966 but today 773 million young people and adults are literate more news.

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