Lorde new song review

Lorde new song review

Lorde new song review, Welcomes Analog Folksy On ‘Solar

Lorde new song review:

Lorde, Now Full-Grown, Welcomes Analog Folksy On ‘Solar

Power’Ellla Yelich-O’Connor, internationally known as Lorde, embraces the sunnier and analog sound above, full of released acoustic guitars and brush traps. Since the release of his single Royals, “in 2013, he has made extensive use of heavy pop songs composed of a palette of vibrant electronic sounds.

“In the past,” he said, “I heard an acoustic guitar and said,” Oh, here it is. It is about to be proven painful! “The title of his new album, Solar Power, is about a change in the style of the ocean; after years of being a famous and famous melodic artist, he now sings greetings and sunshine and meditation on the sun. -2017 “Green Light”.

“I was feeling good, you know?” he says. “It sounds like there’s something in the air down there, and I really wanted to photograph that.
Capturing, Morning Edition A Martinez asked Lorde what the last four years (silent) involved, and how he got to this new crossroads with fresh air.

This discussion has been edited and summarized for clarity. To listen to the streaming version, use the player above.

Martinez, Morning Edition: You said that Solar Power is “celebrating the natural world.” How can we hear that?

Lorde: I think there is a sense of freedom and quality that nature may not have done in my previous albums. I was born in ’96 – I feel like in the mid-2000s roots-y, acoustic music hit me hard. Something about [the idea that] was naturally more real than electronic music, for example. I really annoyed that for a long time.

sn1 Lorde new song review

Feeling the acoustic you mentioned, is that what sold you guitars? Because when I first started playing Solar Power, that kind of hit me. Like, ‘Oh, my lord, this is different, especially for him.’ It’s something you’ve never used much in the past.

Lorde: In the past, I would never have written a song on an acoustic guitar forever. Because I had this weird with the kind of built-in definitions of something like an acoustic guitar. I was worried it would send writing in the right direction. And in this case, I rely heavily on these.

When I played it, I made my own day. I could do my homework. Suddenly, I had to stop and go back and play again to make sure what I heard was what I heard.

Lorde: And I love that!

Lorde new song review

I think I take a long time between albums – it takes me quite a long time to do, and each time there is a little surprise, that I can be in a different emotional or emotional state. I get it, from people who haven’t heard anything from me since 2017. But for me, I have been alive for four years. So I love that shock, and I remember feeling that shock with the artists I loved the most. You know, I would press play on the record and almost feel sick with fear or fear that I don’t like it or understand that beauty would not be what I would want. And of course, those are the records you grow up with – and that challenges you and goes with you. I think that’s a good thing.

My friend said, “Ask L Lorde what color you see when he does ‘Solar Power.'” For those who may not know, you have synesthesia – a neurological condition where you see sounds as color. So what did you see “Solar Power?”

Lorde: Well, you’re not as colorful as … you know when you look at the sun with closed eyebrows? Do you see that kind of warm, fleshy tone? That’s the color. But it’s a shame to talk about it. I feel like it can catch hypocrisy, right?

I don’t think so … I love it. I just wonder how much that stops all parts of the whole album? From, say, album cover music?

Lorde: Absolutely, yes. I use it as a tool when making an album. For me, my albums have a great idea, to search for a better name. I know when I write the right kind of part. Do what I need to do when I first see the color I need to see. It really helps me. It leads me in the right direction. And it’s something I use a lot in production. The drums are very light, very yellow, they get a lot of gold, the way I needed them to get this album. There is always a time when the color or image does not match well – that can be intimidating. And then it all comes out of gold.

And you’ll get things out, won’t you? If they do not match, you will just stop and start over.

Lord: Yes, that’s right – I’m kidding because I’ve never had more than two or three completed demo albums. I don’t work for anything that doesn’t end up doing it. I really think hard about the spots I have to fill in and the things they say. So, I’m going to pull things off, but I won’t work on something for long if it’s wrong, i.e. I’m thinking of a cost-effective way to do it.

If I were to imitate the lead songs on all three of your albums – “Royals,” “Green Light” and “Solar Power,” it sounded to me that this was a great jump of tone. It sounded like art that you were probably in a fun, sunny, and playful place. And in the video, literally, you are in a fun, sunny, playful, beach in New Zealand. How close am I to that target?

Lord: Well, you’re in it somehow. I mean, it’s hard for me to have a context for my work. I’ve never felt it the way other people do it. So it’s a little trick. But I think I have a very happy few years, I am confident, and I am focused.

There is something different about your outgoing communication. I thought it was cool to find out you like onion rings so much that you rate them on Instagram. So what makes an onion ring approved by the Lord?

Lord: Oh, God! Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. I have a place for them all, delicious food! It’s hard to interrupt, you know? But I’m going to be strong. Thick cut of the ring. It is best to chew a little. You want a little resistance. Temperature, beads. They should be properly refrigerated in the fryer. But honestly, there are good things you can say about it all.

What’s next? Relax a bit?

Lorde: Well, I’ll just do this a little bit, go and talk about the album. I think we booked a trip for next year, which I am very happy about. The crossed fingers will move without interruption. I want to try to spend time in the studio. I’ve had a collection of ideas yet. It’s funny – you set a record, do all the work, and then the journey begins with everyone else and sets your stage. So maybe I’ll always be around my thumbs, but I’m sure someone will find a way to use my time.

Does it sound like you are releasing an album that is not yours? And I’m only asking that because Kanye West has been working on his album, Donda, for what seems like a long time – I’ve talked to someone who thinks maybe Kanye doesn’t want to release it yet.

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Lord: Yes, there is definitely a bit of that. You will never listen to it again without the context of the work. So what I found in it, which was great and very precious, kind of an end in itself. But it is ironic to see a picture filled with human understanding. Part of why I like making pop music: I think you only have part of the image before the song or work group is released – I think the other part is filled with people’s perceptions. That’s what makes it pop … But yes, it’s kind of melancholy almost. You know, for me I say goodbye or say thank you for such a great chapter of life, I feel like I’ve been through so much and I’ve got so much. And then it’s kind of funny to tie it with a bow now. But it’s cool. I’m worried about knowing what people think of it.

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