Mohamed Salah's high-profile strike confirms Liverpool's victory over Norwich

Mohamed Salah’s high-profile strike confirms Liverpool’s victory over Norwich

Mohamed Salah’s high-profile strike confirms Liverpool’s victory over Norwich

Liverpool can win bronze with good news and, if they want, a positive omen in history. Initially this was a sign of banana skin but it showed little signs of slipping on enemies dressed in yellow. Instead, they enjoyed a comfortable lifestyle that they could afford, and the increase was not the end of the story.

Apparently, for the fifth year in a row, Mohamed Salah wasted no time in stepping down. He also recorded with two assistants, even though one of them owed much luck, but the bad conclusion that struck Tim Krul all ended up confirming that the result was proof enough that he was lucky. He and Liverpool could have scored more points but it was exciting to be taken on both sides of the pitch.
While Alisson made double the cost of death to prevent Ben Gibson and Adam Idah from offering comfort to Norwich, it meant Liverpool could take a clean sheet home. The value was not lost on anyone, even though this was not the most difficult task. Liverpool’s back line was frustrated by Virgil van Dijk, who came back from a competitive game 10 months after leaving, and another comebacker like Joël Matip. It was Matip’s first release since January: a full-fledged defense could make the world a difference in their hopes of narrowing the gap opened by Manchester City last season.

“It was really nice to see him again and get him back on the field,” Jürgen Klopp said of Van Dijk. “After that long time out and the start of the pre-season, the return to the pitch feels different. You could see his whole class; it was hard for him to walk 90 minutes. ”

Liverpool turned the game around at a time when Norwich, surprisingly stunned when they worked out between three but scratched back, had started to compete evenly. Teem Pukki fled defensively on the move and forced Alisson into the center, with the first anonymous player Milot Rashica crying in passing, and for a few minutes the examples set 24 hours earlier by Brentford and Watford’s newcomers seemed impossible. follow.

After that the dose came and relied on luck, Salah did not manage well the cut cross from Trent Alexander-Arnold but used enough purchases to misbehave Gibson played Diogo Jota. Jota didn’t miss a thing, even though his finish wasn’t a good one and Kul was frustrated to see him slipping on his legs.

Salah could not earn much respect for the unsightly pass, nor did he try to do so. His next intervention was pure. Norwich had reason to feel reassured that the first stages of the second half had never run smoothly, although Konstantinos Tsimikas held a stopover from Krul. Roberto Firmino, who was introduced just an hour later, took a break on the left which led to Sadio Mané shooting Gust Hanley. It fell to Salah, who put the ball aside for Firmino to turn from eight yards.

That would have been enough but Salah, who has produced several spectators with varying accuracy, gave the team a part where Gibson’s approval reached him in the 18th line. Switching to his left foot was important; the gun was high and Klopp could walk away feeling satisfied.

“It was a very high quality job, which I really liked,” he said. “I don’t need to lose my temper for 20-25 minutes and then lose the game. I’m really happy we played the way we played. ”

Two years ago, these groups met on the first day and produced the same result. Liverpool won 4-1 in that event, despite being their turf, but will be ready to repeat their next attack which will go to the title. Norwich’s fortune was polar: they finished down by 13 points but their manager, Daniel Farke, saw enough to raise the same horrible show as impossible.

“It sounds ridiculous but after this game I’m more confident this season than before,” he said, pointing to the summer’s Covid addition that left Norwich struggling to regain status. “There are so many wonderful things you can do. I think for 65 minutes, as long as our energy and vitality were present, we were really competitive. ”

Farke feels that Norwich has the depth of achieving his goals at this time and does not dwell. After seeing his departure on the newly healed line, Klopp could feel the same way Liverpool’s hopes were.

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