Monter Confirms That Lil Nas X Will Stay

Monter Confirms That Lil Nas X Will Stay

“Montero” Confirms That Lil Nas X Will Stay: Even among the new generation of music stars in Gen Z, the idea of ​​Lil Nas X’s Black queer breaks. Montero confirms the emergence of a new voice.

I want to thank the gay program! “Lil Nas X announced when he won the Video of the Year award at the MTV VMAs on September 12.” Let’s go, gay agenda! “

He has been joking about the controversy that has plagued him since his historic 2019 “Old Town Road” took over pop culture. Since then, a one-time member of Barbz came out and – in the era of low-key pop-ups – became the most amazing pop star. in selling the devil gay lap dance video, he was very successful in what the pop stars used to do before they started selling everything but themselves: crossing new lines of crime that makes us see the world differently.

“Hee-hee, I’m as bad as Michael Jackson,” she sang in last year’s “Holiday”. “Popstar, but rap artists still respect me.” That the queer rapper has become a traditional symbol of pop violation is the result of many historical forces, including the undeniable role of hip-hop during the broadcast and the increasing visibility of LGBTQ artists.

Yet even amid a new generation of critical actions, from Troye Sivan and Sam Smith to the Frank Ocean, Lil Nas X has already reached an unprecedented level of commercial success and industry recognition. He won two pop hits for No.1, last month he was the most broadcast rapper on Spotify, and is currently one of the 10 most popular artists on the platform, time.

Ahead of his new album, Montero, today, the 22-year-old has found all the signs of pop success: No. in a time of brutal economic attention. Montero, his dreamy, erotic image that was once a common thread, is another manifestation of his talent. “Who would have thought that I would go there anyway?” he sings at the same time, it seems he is referring to the conference he reached. The album is a reminder of why his voice as an important young artist is so important and points to the struggles he endured for the industry to make room for him. The little white pop stars often follow established history. First, there is the company period of their launch, when they form the next major tween. They then moved from pop to hip-hop and discarded the production of their industry and claimed a new form of artistic authenticity, often reflecting the rejection of Disney purity and industrial conventions.

That image of freedom only applies to those who were formed within the system in the first place. In contrast, Lil Nas X pierced a Trojan horse crossing the “Old Town Road.” The song sounds more like a meme or a gambit – mixing a rodeo Americana and a snare – rather than a traditional tie. It ran high on the charts because of TikTok, which hadn’t yet started promoting the same beautiful ladies, but as the song became an undeniably popular one, the industry controversy of its kind – was it rap or country or just something online? – steals focus on the artist himself. At the heart of the industry’s idea that Lil Nas X was one of the most amazing, he signed with Columbia. Billy Ray Cyrus jumped into the song’s remix, and the song broke records held by Mariah Carey and “Despacito.”

Most importantly, he began working with the production team Take a Daytrip, and their extensive musical influences – from grunge to gospel to classical music – were well-matched by the beauty of Lil Nas X. They soon won a win with “Panini,” borrowing from ” In Bloom “of Nirvana to create a pean of fans by not abandoning Lil Nas X as he exploded. The song has already shown Lil Nas X’s compelling style that makes the pop shadow feel close.

That success began to generate interest in the young artist at the center of it all. With the advent of digital, speculation began to build that he had once opened a Nicki Minaj account and that he was gay. On the last day of the month of Pride 2019, Lil Nas X pointed to the rainbow structure on the cover of his new EP at the time. “Deadass thought I had made it clear,” he wrote on Twitter.

Lil Nas X’s outrage is part of a tradition of queer POC artists who practice what critic Jose Esteban Muñoz describes as unrecognizable; instead of rejecting the pop culture of choice, they re-interpret its existing meanings to make something new. This is evident not only in “Old Town Road,” where Lil Nas X reclaims the land with desire but also with “Montero (Call Me by Your Name),” which redefined the popular culture from the dark queer perspective. a popular movie about desire among white men, while the videos begin with a homoerotic re-enactment of heaven and hell, with great religious freedom. The strip pole, often a symbol of hetero fantasy, becomes a cosmic walking tool, and the pumpkin dances the gorge of gay flirting. These songs give a clear idea of ​​celebrating hip-hop with the spoils of success: ‘. ”(While performing on stage during the BET Awards in June, he kissed the backup striker onstage, exuding a soldier’s passions while honoring 90s Michael Jackson with his royal attire. more )

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