Two Glasgow Nando closes after the chicken ran out

Nando’s chicken chain has got a big problem: it has a chicken problem.

Nado’s: Problems with the UK chain have forced the closure of 50 restaurants across the country, including Scotland.

Customers quickly recognized the closure, posting on social media to find out what was happening.

Nando’s handle responded to one tweet and said: “We miss you! UK support has a few ladies right now. This has the effect of knocking on some of our restaurants across England, Scotland and Wales. Well, we know. Leave it to DM so we can bring little Nando to you . “

Here are all the Scottish restaurants affected by the crisis.

Which Scottish Nando are closed?

Supply delivery problems have spread to other branches in Scotland Nando.

These are the now closed restaurants in Scotland:

  • Aberdeen Belmont Road
  • Edinburgh Marine Center
  • Glasgow Braehead
  • Glasgow West End

Currently, Edinburgh Straiton Park is open for collection only.

The South African poultry restaurant, with more than 400 branches in the UK, has suffered from so-called “pingdemic”, with people being segregated leading to a shortage of supplies.

The Nando’s recommend that you look at your preferred restaurant pre-departure, which you can do on their website.

It has offered Nando staff to suppliers to help address the issue at the source, but it is unclear whether the proposal was approved.


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