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Naomi Osaka pauses for a moment

Naomi Osaka pauses for a moment at a press conference in tears after a reporter’s question

Naomi Osaka pauses for a moment: The ripped tennis star briefly left a press conference at an Ohio tennis tournament following a question from a reporter whose agent called “bully”.
Tennis star Naomi Osaka has shed tears for a while following a question asked by a reporter on Monday at her first press conference since she shared her mental health nearly three months ago.

Osaka, 23, who is playing at the Western & Southern Open in Cincinnati this week, asked a question from a Cincinnati Inquirer reporter during a Zoom press conference about how he dealt with the media when he was upset.

“You’re not crazy about working with us, especially in this way, but you have a lot of external interests that are provided by having a social media platform. I think my question is, how do you rate these two?” sports journalist Paul Daugherty asked.

“If you say I’m not crazy about you guys, what does that mean?” Asks Daugherty.

The manager asked Osaka if he would like to move on to the next question, but he refused and asked Daugherty to repeat the question before ending the exchange after a long break.
I can’t help but think that there are some things I post in a tweet or other things I say like that to create a lot of news articles or things like that. And I know it’s because I won a few Grand Slams and got a lot of conferences with the media for these things to happen, “Osaka said. But I would also say I am not sure how to rate it. I think at the same time as you, I would say. “

Seconds later, she started crying and left the room. However, he returned after a while and finished asking questions. His lawyer, Stuart Duguid, disputed the question by Daugherty in a statement sent to NBC News.

“The bully in the Cincinnati Inquirer is an example of why player / media relations are so full right now,” he said. “Everyone at that Zoom will admit that her voice was wrong and her intent was to intimidate. The behavior is really shocking. And this emphasizes that Naomi owes her court success to the media is a myth – don’t like to indulge.”

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