One million and one problem IS encountered while watching Amazon female boss Cinderella

One million and one problem IS encountered while watching Amazon female boss Cinderella

One million and one problems I encountered while watching Amazon female boss Cinderella: On Friday, September 3, Cinderella ran into Amazon Prime Video. Of course, there were no glass slippers. Written and directed by Kay Cannon, who became famous by Pitch Perfect and Blockers, this Cinderella iteration has replaced Rodgers and Hammerstein’s (beautiful) traditional versions and fairy tale soundtracks with mixed pop songs and updated feminist narratives. Its dazzling cast starring pop star Camila Cabello (Camila Cabello) plays the nominal “she” including Idina Menzel, Pierce Brosnan, and Minnie Household names such as Driver and Billy Porter make her play a gender-oriented fairy godmother. The release of this film included everything, from Corden violently pushing his hips among the flash mobs to Cabello’s strange pronunciation of the name ” Chad Michael Murray.” Of course, I have no choice but to see Cinderella’s female boss in full. To be honest: I opposed this movie before I pressed the play button, mainly because of the 1997 Disney movie Cinderella starring Brandy and Whitney Houston. This is one of my favorite movies of all time. (If you don’t believe me, please read this article). But even the greatest Cabello Stan will leave this movie with a lot of questions. This is an evil

One million and one problem IS encountered while watching Amazon female boss Cinderella One million and one problem IS encountered while watching Amazon female boss Cinderella

combination of Glee, Hamilton, and Bridgeton. Not ” Why are you there?” but, what happened? Without further ado, this is my one million and one problems when I watched Amazon Cinderella: The beginning of the film says that everyone in her kingdom is restricted by traditional values, and those traditional values ​​are not good. But why would Cannon and the company do this? Choose an exciting interpretation of ” Rhythm Nation&quot, a certified pop from the undisputed queen of pop music, to represent the ills of society and the serious lack of diversity of ideas? Who doesn’t want to be a member of Rhythm Nation? What year is this? where are we? Is that the barrier railing on the steps of the hut? What happened to Cinderella’s father? It feels like we have passed her untimely death, right? If Cinderella, I’m sorry, Ella, is always ” dust covered&quot, why does Cabello seem to come out of Neutrogena ads directly? In any case, how dirty are fancy clothes? Idina Menzel’s evil stepmother has a name, and as expected, she is Vivienne​​. Why is a woman named Vivian inherently evil in TV and movies (see also: legal blonde)? We need to represent Vivienne more actively in the entertainment industry! Why is the evil step-sister always low-key the best part of Cinderella’s retelling? (RIP, Natalie Desselle Reid) Hair’ slip sync is off or is my internet weird? (Answer: Both.) Why does Cinderella’s assistant mouse waltz with the Cabello songs ” I Want” and ” Million to One” that she co-wrote with others? This song is not 3/4. Who does Cinderella’s singing remind me of? (Answer: Melania Guidice’s TikTok went viral and became famous ” Wake up in the morning”). If they want someone who looks and sounds like British Shawn Mendes to be a prince (Nicholas Galizina), why don’t I find Cabello’s real boyfriend, Sean Mendes? Didn’t technology help you? To find the shouters of this rap town, what callback did the actors participate in Hamilton’s? Why is the evil stepmother’s house decorated like an Airbnb in Lake Tahoe? How to support white soloists to make a unique joke? Can we use this device in a more meaningful or subtle way, or skip it altogether and let those talented people pursue more valuable projects? Does anyone need to hear the song ” Somebody To Love” again in a movie or TV show? Bohemian Rhapsody won an Oscar. enough. Perhaps, is there a more creative or clever way to express the main point of the movie about misogyny and sexism, and then ask the princess Gwen who wants to be the queen to say, ” Will you leave me? Sit down? At the table? ” Did the prince become unrecognizable from his Jack Sparrow roleplay?” Also, why doesn’t she draws eyeliner? Repeat before fixing the ending of Menzel and the step-sister’s interpretation of ” material girl”? Can we meet the prince and Ella happily in thirty-five minutes? Can we go to the prom now? Okay, when the prince said, ” I’m just doing my part to correct a defective system&quot, is a) the subtlety dead? b) Can’t I correct his status as a prince by implementing new laws and rules? We still have 40 minutes away, and are we about to start the ” I was wrong” inspired by ” One more day” created by the groundbreaking pop band Nico & Vinz? Where is Billy Potter? Doesn’t she has a tidal pen on hand? The ink that Vivienne threw looks good is it really necessary for us to wait 46 minutes for Billy Potter to appear on the screen? He had to come in and shout ” Werk. ” Which studio executive came up with the name Fab G? Billy Potter’s golden suit is a tribute to Whitney Houston’s fairy godmother’s golden suit. I suspect that’s the case? Why doesn’t she like it? Blue Suit? Does he think he wants to be a She-EO? Do you think the swimming subway mouse auditioned for this movie but lost the role of James Corden? Speaking of Corden: Did he learn how to explain anthropomorphism from cats? The lesson of animal transformation? Or just usually film musical prom? And, how do you have enough time to shoot all these musical films? Don’t you perform every night? Do people realize something? Billy Potter singing is What? Because he is really good. In Bridgetown, what is this ” What a Man” ballroom dance sequence? Can you play the cello like a guitar? For example, from a physical point of view, does this work? Should men be allowed to call their genitals ” front tail” or even make a joke, even if they were men like mice an hour ago? About Queen Tatiana who casually revealed that she murdered to ascend to the throne? Is that dress made by her? Of course, she designed it, but isn’t it Fab G technically? Is Ella’s decision to do business with the murderer she knows the best role model for all future small bosses? Do I have to do this? Listen to a complete song by Ed Sheeran, but Ella and the prince express their love for each other? Why do we humanize the evil stepmother Vivienne with a backstory about how she used to play the piano? The civilization of every nasty female character must end! Let women be bosses, but let them do evil too! ” Does this world need another dream lover?” Well, said to the long-term rebirth Amber Riley, my dear! Who broke the news to Pierce Brosnan that he would not only sing again but also sing a cappella? Why does Minnie Driver perform best? Played Queen Beatrix in the whole movie. Who knew she could sing? (Answer: She is a versatile musician! Good for her.) If you are late for work because the Cinderella actors are performing the musical version of the movie on the pedestrian crossing in the middle of the street, what would you do? Can you take legal action? Did you know that ” Speak Up” can heal the intergenerational trauma between stepmother and stepdaughter? This is meaningless as the final number of this movie more news.

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