Only Fans says it will block sexually explicit content

Only Fans says it will block sexually explicit content

OnlyFans says it will block sexually explicit content

OnlyFans says it will block sexually explicit content: OnlyFans, a site where fans pay creators for their photos and videos, plans to ban “sexually explicit” content.

The ban will take effect on October 1 and is the result of requests from partners in banks and companies dealing with financial transactions, a spokesman said.

However, nudity is OK if it “complies with” company policy. It is unclear what the policy is, and the company did not respond to queries. Only fans will share more information “in the coming days.”

OnlyFans have become famous as a place for celebrities to interact with people on their own, as well as a place where prostitutes can post and be paid in a secure way.

Not available as an app with Apple and Google stores, which block pornography. OnlyFans has tried to distance themselves from their involvement with porn, recently announcing the OFTV streaming app, which is available to download from major technology platforms, and incorporates content around areas such as fitness, cooking, comedy and music.

OnlyFans claimed to have 130 million users and 2 million creators who shared a combined $ 5 billion.
OnlyFans has announced they will ban content containing pornographic content beginning in October. The platform was not specifically designed for porn but has grown into a consumer and tangible case, but pressure from “banking partners and payment providers” means the company will have to leave the world of adult content behind and focus only on SFW content going forward.

The news, first reported by Bloomberg, was confirmed by the company in a statement:

Effective October 1, 2021, OnlyFans will prohibit the posting of any sexually explicit content. To ensure the long-term sustainability of the platform, and to continue to engage a community that includes all creators and fans, we must change our content guidelines. Creators will continue to be permitted to post content containing nudity as long as it complies with our accepted usage policy.

These changes are in line with the requests of our banking partners and payment providers.

We will share more details in the coming days and will support and guide our creators with these changes to the content guidelines.

OnlyFans did not respond to TechCrunch’s questions about its interpretation of sexually explicit content or how this was expected to impact the company’s lineup.

The OnlyFans platform has become a de facto standard for independent creators who create adult content. In addition to the epidemic it grew in popularity as the adult industry, like others, had its normal activities disrupted. It has proven to be a great asset to many creators, professionals and aspirants, who have used the platform to make money directly for fans without consulting reputable adult industry companies.

But sex work has always been dangerous to work online. The risk of seizing illegal content means that platforms must constantly monitor such things as child sexual abuse, malicious content such as porn retaliation and unwanted leaks, and daily cyber threats such as crime.

At the organizational level, however, companies may find it difficult to measure due to the fears of investors and banks, both of which often avoid the entire industry as a “problem,” as it is difficult to start marijuana and sex toys. challenges. Pushback from financial sponsors and payment processors can well fit every business model.
OnlyFans in this case clearly state that they discard adult content because of this type of pressure. While the company has just started and promoted its OFTV program, another SFW approach to the main site of OnlyFans, and then there are many creators on the platform who do not produce sexually explicit content, this will be a major contribution to both the sex industry and the company itself. The creators involved were not notified in advance.

“This will break down a huge source of income for people, the foundation of their entire business,” said Tristan West, a dreamboytristan who is senior content manager at OnlyFans. “Many people and I have to do a lot of work to protect our business, move our goods, and move our content to another level. This is not the end of the world, but this is a major turning point. “

West noted that some platforms are finding ways to monetize adult content, such as Twitter adding paid followers and sites like PornHub and creating opportunities to make direct money. But OnlyFans owns all the cards and will need to make that change possible.

“I would love to see them do what is needed – it’s weird that they didn’t come to us and talk to us in any way,” West said. “Provide a quick option to download all your content to OnlyFans – that’s your property, that’s your business. That’s the empty minimum they can do for creators. “

The critical question is whether OnlyFans will be able to survive this change in any apparent form. Choosing to leave their lucrative and trusted part of customers and creators may poison the source, with some refusing to rely on a platform that has failed to support others. Investors, once aware of the danger of investing in a sexually explicit product, are now wary of paying for a sinking ship. That $ 1 billion estimate could be longer than ever.

The obvious and quick response from the tech community is to use OnlyFans or something similar using cryptocurrensets, which usually speak unencumbered by these limitations. This could represent the way forward for the next platform, but for OnlyFans it may be too late to adapt.

“Thankfully, we have a few months,” West said. “OnlyFans have been the top platform in this market but they are not the only ones. It is an opportunity for someone else to come and make themselves better for sex workers and online creators. “

The story unfolds and may arise.

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