What is Poverty

In today’s time, Poverty is not less than a disease for any illness, In
other words, if it is said, poverty is the condition of any person, in which
neither can do good, nor can think of anything good.

Because whenever it wants to do something good, first of all,

the chains of money are tied on his feet. But on the other hand,

the book is disturbed by all sides, all the way out of its own

I understand that in the situation of poverty, one of the families of their family,

wages to raise their home expenses. In today’s time, I believe

that a major reason for preventing Poverty from moving a copy

forward. According to the report, 10% of the world’s population

in 2013 is passing its passing below $ 1.9 (i.e. 121 rupees) per

day. Which was 12.4% in 2012 and 35% in 1999. The most poor

people live in the gambling, but they are written but they change

their thinking but due to which their decision is their life life

There is a very bad effect in “On the other hand, due to poverty

in the village, the wages also do wages, they also work without

heat, winter, warmth, etc., but it is limited, But they also work in

their pregnancy. If there are some earnings, then the cost of the

house will be done easily. Do not be the cause of poverty.

Do not walk the mind, Do not think more than your status of

your mind is a main reason for poverty. If the book is seen,

then the reason for social and dispute and religious reasons are becoming

The cause of Poverty

By the way to be poor There is no poor in today’s time,

it has become like a sin in itself because people respect

them in today’s time, who are very rich. There are many

sources of earning. In today’s time people want to talk to

those people who are very rich because the poor person

can never come in their work, then there is no one to support in poor paper.

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