Rolling Stones Drummer Charlie Watts Dies 80

Rolling Stones Drummer Charlie Watts Dies 80

Rolling Stones Drummer Charlie Watts Dies 80: Charlie Watts, drummer who was unshakable for rolling stones, died this morning. According to a public, he died in a hospital in London, surrounded by a family. There is no cause of death given. He is 80 years old.

Where most rock band takes a signal from drummer, Watts is the type to hang back. He told the NPR in 2012 that in the early days, he had to sit close to the guitarist reinforcement Keith Richards during the Live Set. “And they are not a very large amplifier. So with the audience screaming, I need it to know where the change happens,” Watts said.

Watts were born on June 2, 1941. Growing, he was mostly Jazz fans – people like Duke Ellington and Charlie Parker. It listens to “walking shoes” Gerry Mulligan as a child who inspired him to play drums. After bouncing around various jazz clubs when the British Blues scene took, he met Mick Jagger and then the rest of the stone. Watts played his first dispute with them in 1963.

Watts issued different vibrations from their band friends with more than one. In aesthetic he prefers adjustable clothes, while the others go on stage with their bohemian appearance. He also did his best to avoid the center of attention, using some of the first success of the band to buy a 16th century house in Sussex. But he was no less than the group’s core members, providing a stable background to retreat for almost 60 years more news.

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