Sarla Thukral

Sarla Thukral

Sаrlа Thakral Google Doodle: Google designs dооdle оf India’s first pilot in 107 years of birth

Google Doodle Sarla Thukral:Becomes the first woman to achieve an ‘A’ grade license after 1,000 hours of flight Sarla Thukral got her pilot’s license when she was only two years old Google on Sunday honored the first female driver of Sarla Thakral-India, on her 107th birthday. A major search company designed Google Doodle during Thukral’s birthday. Google has a policy of not displaying more than one doodle, but in Thukral’s case, the tech giant violated this policy.

Google said, “We planned to use the same doodle in honor of Sarla Thukral in India last year. However, in the event of a serious plane crash in Kerala, we withheld the doodle due to the event and the relief effort. of airports so we decided to use the doodle this year to honor his 107th birthday ”.

Whо wаs Sаrlа Thukrаl ?

Sarla Thukral was the first Indian female pilot to board a small two-winged two-year-old traditional sari pilot.

On the occasion of the 107th birthday of India’s first female driver, Sarla Thukral, a major search engine researcher, Google presented her with a special and temporary logo (doodle). Sarla Thukral was an airline pilot, designer, and businessman who flew on her first airplane (Gypsy Moth) in 1914 at just 21 years of age. ‘Thukral’s high success has paved the way for generations of Indian women to achieve their dreams of escape,’ Google wrote in a statement.

In honor of the Indian pilot, the Google Doodle statement also highlighted all his successes.

“Born in Delhi, Thukral was encouraged by her husband who came from a family of flies and wanted to follow in their footsteps. His dream of flying was interrupted by the outbreak of World War II, after which he began studying fine art and painting at Lahore’s Mayo School of Arts (now the National College of Arts). Besides taking a break from her pilot career, she grew up successfully as a designer with a career in painting and jewelry.”

After Delhi, the first Indian pilot had moved to Lahore, now Pakistan, and returned to Delhi to pursue his artistic career. Her husband, P. D. Sharma had died in a tragic plane crash in 1939 when he died in 2008. He was a devout follower of the Arya Samaj, a spiritual community devoted to the teachings of the Vedas. The pilot remarried R. P. Thakral after the divorce in 1948 when he moved to Delhi. Sarla was also known as Mati and became a successful businessman.


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