T-Mobile data breach news

T-Mobile data breach news

T-Mobile data breach news

T-Mobile data breach news : Mobile operator T-Mobile, the second largest in the US since Q2 2021, appears to have suffered a devastating data breach as 100 million reported records have already been sold on a black web forum. Customer information is almost as empathetic as possible, and Vice’s Motherboard magazine confirms that its sample contained accurate Social Security numbers and driver’s license numbers among other pieces of personal information.

At the moment T-Mobile is still investigating data breaches and still has to fully verify personal information, but independent reporting shows that customers need to take action now and take precautionary measures. As of Q2 2021 the company was estimated to have approximately 104 million customers, so this data breach seems to affect almost everyone who subscribes to its service.
T-Mobile released an update on the morning of August 18 confirming that at least 47 million of its customers were affected, including those who had not registered. The company has so far issued a “preliminary analysis” but has confirmed at this time that at least 7.8 million T-Mobile paid customers may have detailed personal information, such as Social Security and driver’s license numbers, disclosed in violation data. It states that an additional 40 million customers had disclosed the records but the customer details did not include much in the way of personal information. It also ensured that at least 850,000 active T-Mobile customers were exposed to their account PINs in addition to their names and phone numbers.

The company said it was considering “more details” and that there could be “more collisions to come.” Jack Chapman, VP of Threat Intelligence at Egress, outlined some of the threats T-Mobile’s customers could expect: For this reason, I would urge any customers affected by this violation to be aware of any unexpected communications they may receive now, whether this is by email, text message or telephone. Subsequent attacks can use the information obtained through these data breaches to trick people into sharing personal information that can be used for identity theft and financial fraud. ”

And Trevor Morgan, product manager with comforte AG, suggested steps that T-Mobile could (or at least do): “For T-Mobile, the situation raises private concerns and questions about the level of diligence they have put in to prevent data breach and data leaks – the result , depending on the facts, you can incur fines, legal action, and reputation damage … A typical business, however, has the opportunity to learn from this. T-Mobile is an international company with sufficient resources to prevent such incidents, but the fact of the matter is that hacks and breaches are unavoidable even in the most well-protected business. Defensive measures such as protecting perimeters around the data are not deceptive evidence, and a determined threat may always find ways to avoid this type of data security. It’s best to investigate data security that protects the data itself rather than the surrounding boundaries. Methods such as token processing convert sensitive data objects into representative tokens, rendering any stolen data useless. Learning about the T-Mobile incident and deciding how data security can increase your security standing can be a great phone call. ”

Harmful loss of customer data

Data breaches were first reported by Motherboard on Sunday, as a reporter received a black web forum message providing details of T-Mobile customers being sold. The actual post provided Social Security numbers, phone numbers, full names, location addresses, unique IMEI device numbers, and driver’s license numbers, and a motherboard that ensured that the available sample had accurate information for known T-Mobile customers.

The seller initially provided accounts containing all of this information, which may have been as low as the $ 7.8 million guaranteed by T-Mobile, at a price of 6 bitcoin (about $ 270,000). The vendor has indicated that they will make the remaining data available in the future.

While the source of the crime is unknown, interviews with the vendor indicate that there was some sort of internal intrusion on the T-Mobile servers they received. The vendor said the back door was closed after creating the listing, but that they removed all the data and made multiple backups with it. T-Mobile only states that it is confident that the security hole used for access to information has been closed.

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