Real-time update of the Kabul attack and evacuation: the United States ended its 20-year war in Afghanistan, and the last evacuation flight took off from Kabul.

Taliban Not Announcing New Government in Afghanistan

Taliban Not Announcing New Government in Afghanistan Until Aug. 31 According to Agreement With Us: Report

Taliban Not Announcing New Government in Afghanistan : The Taliban have an agreement with the United States to do nothing until the day of the final withdrawal of troops and their citizens.
Kabul: The Taliban did not plan to take any decisions or declarations regarding the formation of a new government in Afghanistan until August 31 when the United States is scheduled to complete the withdrawal of its troops from the country, an official with the Associated Press said.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, the official said Anas Haqqani, who is in talks with Taliban leaders, had told former government officials that the rebel group had an agreement with the United States to do nothing until the last day of military and civilian withdrawal.

However he did not specify whether the target for inactivity was only in the political arena.

Meanwhile, Haqqani’s statement raises concerns about the kind of action the party plans to take after August 30 and whether the Taliban will adhere to their commitment to include non-Taliban officials in the new Afghan government.

As of now, the Taliban have not yet clarified their plans for a new government in the war-torn country and what the new government will look like.

US President Joe Biden today will address the deportation of Americans and his allies to Afghanistan as the US struggles with issues ranging from armed Taliban checkpoints to paperwork.

Tens of thousands of people are still waiting to be released before the US-August 31 deadline to withdraw troops from the country. According to a US security official, about 5,700 people, including 250 Americans, were evacuated from Kabul aboard 16 C-17 planes.

Kabul International Airport has been the focus of major international efforts to deport immigrants, allies of Afghanistan and other Afghan people at high risk of being punished by Taliban insurgents.

Meanwhile, India has said it will prioritize the issuance of visas to members of the public, opinion activists, women activists, students and NGO staff from Afghanistan.

In addition, Afghan people who feel threatened or intimidated by persecution and those who have supported India in various social and development projects will also be prioritized in the granting of visas.

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