Taylor Swift shocks fans with a shocking re-recording of 'nightmares': 'Here it is!'

Taylor Swift shocks fans with a shocking re-recording of ‘nightmares’: ‘Here it is!’

Taylor Swift shocks fans with a shocking re-recording of ‘nightmares’: ‘Here it is!’
Maybe we should have seen this back then.

Taylor Swift also surprised fans with new music – a new version of “Wildest Dreams” – after releasing two albums (“Folklore” and “Evermore”) without much warning in 2020.

“Wildest Dreams (Taylor’s Version)” is off to his 2014 Grammy-winning album “1989.” Her release has been particularly shocking as she has not yet started releasing her re-recorded album “Red (Taylor’s Version)”, due on November 19th.

“Someone said that getting a little closer makes you look like the main character I have made is Taylor’s Version pls,” Swift posted in the TikTok post announcing the re-recording (and apparently introducing the TikTok practice). The text in the video itself reads: “If you guys want to use my version of my worst nightmares to get used to a little closer, here it is!”

Like her re-recorded album “Fearless (Taylor’s Version)” earlier this year, Swift feels cool and mature in this new, but as lovable and loving. Some of the songs were heard on the trailer “Spirit Untamed,” which was launched earlier this year.

“Wild Dreams” did not leave our cultural dictionary exactly. Fans of “Bridgerton” will remember the metal version of “Wildest Dreams” that appeared in the first season of the series released last December.

Swift is also releasing her first five albums – “Taylor Swift”; “Fearless” (re-released April 2021); “Speak Now”; “Red” (to be released in November); and “1989” – gaining a new sense of ownership of his music after music chief executive Scooter Braun bought and sold his landmarks. Like any Swift news, fans in general are losing their minds.

“I REMEMBER the physical cry I sang and had nightmares when I was nine years old and now I am crying,” wrote @maybankshalo. @Dernswift added: “The fact that we were expecting him to get rid of bad dreams in recent months now when we expect it to be red is surprising.”

We’ll deal with this all night more .

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