The athletes are a real life hero Sachin

The athletes are a real life hero Sachin

The athletes are a real life hero Sachin

The athletes are a real life hero Sachin: Kricket Icon Sachin Tendulkar has asked the country to wholeheartedly support Indian athletes who participated in Tokyo Paralympics and called them “real life heroes”.

The game starts from Tuesday. “It’s time for Paralympics and I want to beg everyone Indians to get our 54 athlete contingent in Tokyo,” Tendulkar said in a statement on Monday.

According to Tendulkar, the travel of Paright athletes is “eye opener” for ordinary people who can do someone with passion and determination.

“I always believe that these women and men are not athletes with special abilities. Instead, they are women and men with extraordinary abilities, all of which are real life heroes for each of us. Their journey is an eye opening for what can be done Women and men with passion, commitment, and determination and function as inspiration for each of us. “

Tendulkar said it was important to celebrate every athlete regardless of the results. “I always believe that if we can celebrate our paralympic athletes in the same way as we celebrate our Olympic heroes and cricket, we can become a better society. And it’s not just about medal winners. Not every athlete between 54 participating in Paralympics will win a medal. However, it is important we celebrate everything. “
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