Tigers commentator Jack Morris

Tigers commentator Jack Morris

Tigers commentator Jack Morris has been suspended following Shohei Ohtani’s comments

Tigers commentator Jack Morris:Tigers color analyst Jack Morris has been suspended from Detroit television stations after he uttered an offensive word when talking about angelic star Shohei Ohtani on Tuesday night.

Bally Sports Detroit made the announcement on Wednesday, saying Morris would be trained “fairly to teach him about the impact of his ideas and how he could have a positive impact on a diverse community.” The statement went on to say that the company “has a policy of intolerance for discrimination or discrimination and apologizes profusely for its rude remarks.”

“We are deeply disappointed by Jack Morris’ remarks during a broadcast last night,” Tigers said in a statement. “We fully support Bally Sports Detroit’s decision and their continued commitment to ensure that all employees are treated with the highest standard of conduct.”

Asked about the suspension, Tigers manager AJ. Hinch said baseball should celebrate its diversity and called Morris’ comment “not only unnecessarily but unnecessarily.”

In the ninth inning of Tuesday’s game inning with Angels’ Juan Lagares at-bat, Morris and Tigers announcing play-play Matt Shepard were talking about how the team should get closer to Ohtani, a Japanese star with two sides at the top next. Shepard asked, “Now what do you do with Shohei Ohtani?” Morris responded in a clear Asian way, “Be very careful.”

Morris later apologized during the attack on Ohtani.

“Well folks, Shohei Ohtani is coming to the plate, and I’ve been informed – and I’m very sorry if I’ve offended anyone, especially anyone in the Asian community for what I said about throwing and being careful, about Shohei Ohtani,” Morris said. “I did not intend to do anything offensive and I apologize if I did (sin).

“I really respect him and I have a lot of respect for this guy. I don’t blame him for leaving him.”

On Wednesday, Ohtani hit the MLB-best 40th at home and conceded just one game in eight innings to win a 3-1 Angels win. After the game, Ohtani said he saw and heard Morris’s drawings and he wasn’t upset.

“I didn’t take anything,” Ohtani said. “He’s the Hall of Famer. He’s a big influence in the baseball world so it’s a tough thing.”

Morris, 66, has won four World Series as a pitcher with the Tigers, Minnesota Twins and Toronto Blue Jays. He was admitted to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2018.

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