Tom Brady beats the New England Patriots back, 19-17

Tom Brady beats the New England Patriots back, 19-17

Tom Brady beats the New England Patriots back, 19-17: FOXBOROUGH, Mass. (AP) – Tom Brady rallied the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to beat the Patriots 19-17 on Sunday night as he returned to New England, with Ryan Succop scoring the winning goal of 48 appearances late in the fourth quarter.

Brady was 22 of 43 of the 269 yards without touchdowns, but scored a fourth-quarter way to beat his former team. Ronald Jones added an eight-yard goal drive to defend Super Bowl champion Tampa Bay (3-1).

Brady broke Drew Brees’ NFL record of passing history and became the fourth quarter with victory in all 32 NFL teams, joining Brees, Brett Favre and Peyton Manning.

New England had a chance to win, but Nick Folk’s 56-yard pitch tried to hit the left stand with less than a minute of play. 1-3 Patriots for the first time since 2001.

Patriots rookie Mac Jones completed 31 of 40 275 yards and two touchdowns.

The Buccaneers have been plagued by a number of defensive and defensive tactics – marked with bad punts, a late field goal and expensive penalties.

But Tampa has managed to come up with some time-honored games to stay in the game, including Antoine Winfield Jr. forcing an investigation by JJ. Taylor found Richard Sherman disrupting a promising drive early in the third quarter.

With Tampa Bay down 17-16, Brady and the Buccaneers hold themselves to 25 and need only seven playbacks to get to the Patriot 30. After Antonio Brown failed to hang on to the psss the Succop area was finally connected to the 48-yarder left 2:02.

Going 7-6, the Patriots hit and Matt Slater appeared to recover from Jaydon Mickens’ error. But Slater’s unpopular behavior fine opposed the game.

The Bucs took the reins and finished playing eight games, 52-yard drive with an 8-yard goal scored by Ronald Jones.

The Patriots responded next, using a six-point finish by Jones to drive the Bucs 1. Jones then found Mr. Smith behind in the final to put the Patriots ahead 14-13.

Tampa marched to the Patriots 8 on their next trip before being forced to settle for a third goal of Ryan Succop’s game to make it 16-14.

New England bounced back with a time of 7:58 in the game and quickly descended on the pitch, entering the red zone in a deceptive game that ended when receiver James Meyers threw Nelson Agholor 30 runs. The drive stopped there and the Patriots bounced back 17-16 in front for Nick Folk’s 27-yard field goal.

Brady was warmly received during the game before taking the field to the bomber for the Buccaneers’ first tour.

Some cheerleaders returned to their second annoying night series when he completed a 28-yard touchdown pass to Mike Evans over Brees’s 80,358-yard mark to become the NFL’s best pass-off leader in a typical season.

The world helped set up a 29-yard field goal to put the Bucs ahead 3-0.

Tampa Bay’s defense has put pressure on Jones for the next Patriots. Linebacker actor Devin White had the opportunity to work for Jones at the top, forcing him to speed up the world that Ross Cockrell had bent over and was taken over by Winfield.

The Patriots made a big mistake, placing the Buccaneers in third place just below the red zone. The Buccaneers have tried another goal of the pitch, but this time Succop is wide range from 36 yards.

New England took advantage of the opportunity to defend Tampa Bay where they were paralyzed before halfway through.

The Bucs came into the night with two injuries, with back-to-back Jamel Dean (knee) and backbacker Jason Pierre-Paul (shoulder) both left out.

Sherman signed a one-year contract with Tampa Bay on Wednesday and was in the first team to replace Dini.

But Sherman looked striking at one point. He was marked by a ground break in the second quarter and awarded a 16-yard touchdown pass to Kendrick Bourne.

Carlton Davis III was also blown away for a third-place interruption during an 11-game, 74-yard Patriots drive tied with an 11-yard pass from Jones to Hunter Henry to put New England ahead 7-3.


Buccaneers: Davis III was helped out of the field in the second quarter with a quad injury and never returned. … Winfield entered the changing room in the fourth quarter to be tested.

Patriots: DE Henry Anderson left the game in the second quarter with a chest injury and never returned. … RB Damien Harris shook after hitting the second quarter but managed to come back. … UDB Cody Davis left the game in the third quarter with a knee injury. … Jonathan Jones left the game late in the fourth quarter.

Tom Brady beats the New England Patriots back

Tom Brady beats the New England Patriots back, 19-17

Tom Brady beats the New England Patriots back, 19-17

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