Turkmen Olympic medalist for the first time

Turkmen Olympic medalist for the first time

Turkmen Olympic medalist for the first time Polina Guryeva with a car with a gift, a flat, money

Turkmen Olympic medalist for the first time : Polina Guryeva, a first-time Olympic medalist in Turkmenistan, was given a flat, a car and $ 50,000 in cash at a ceremony in the Central Asian capital Ashgabat on Saturday.

Guryeva, 21, won Turkmenistan’s silver this summer in Tokyo in a women’s 59kg weightlifting competition. It was the only ancient Soviet national medal at the Games and was the first in its history.

Turkmen shooter Marat Niyazov previously won a silver medal representing the Soviet Union at the 1960 Games in Rome.

Guryeva’s victory celebrations were led by Turkmenistan’s most respected coach, Serdar Berdymukhamedov, the 39-year-old son of tough country leader Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov.
At a ceremony in Ashgabat, young Berdymukhamedov presented Guryeva, a Russian national, with three boxes of white plates.

One contained the keys to a three-room apartment in the capital, the second one held the keys to a white Lexus SUV and the third a $ 50,000 cash.

“I congratulate you very much on this important event, testifying to the growth of Turkmenistan’s independence in the international sports arena,” Berdymukhamedov told Guryeva.

He said his victory “had raised the profile of the world, the reputation and authority of the independent state and the people of Turkmen.”

“I present this award to our President and the people of Turkmen in honor of the 30 years that Freedom has ruled Turkmenistan,” Guryeva said. Turkmenistan, a gas-rich country of about six million people known for its advertising, gained independence from its former ally. master in Moscow in 1991.

The secret world is often portrayed by human rights groups as one of the world’s greatest violators of civil, religious, and media freedom.

Younger Berdymukhamedov has secured a number of positions this year making him the second most powerful man in the country after his father and further speculation that he will eventually replace the elder as leader of an independent country

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