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Mulaney revealed the news after Meyers revealed the comedian was “one year old”.
“I went to a rehab in September, I left in October, I left home and went to my ex-wife,” said Mulaney, referring to his separation from his ex-wife Anna Marie Tendler. ” Then in the spring I went to Los Angeles and we met and fell in love with a beautiful woman named Olivia. “
It turns out that Munn and Mulaney first met at Myers’ wedding in 2013, but things turned romantic after Mulaney came out of a state of drug rehabilitation.

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“I have entered into a very good relationship with an incredible person,” he told Meyers. “And we have a baby together.”
Mulaney and Meyers also discussed Meyers being part of an intervention that eventually led to Mulaney seeking treatment.
Now that he has recovered, Mulaney said “Olivia and this child have helped save me from this pre-recovery journey.”
She is the first child of a couple more news.

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