Why Amari Cooper Felt The Need For Game Reps

Why Amari Cooper Felt The Need For Game Reps

Why Amari Cooper Felt The Need For Game Reps

Why Amari Cooper Felt The Need For Game Reps: The Cowboys are proving during this training camp and preseason that when again, injuries and rehabs are always getting to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Some players like Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott and DeMarcus Lawrence aren’t playing in any of the preseason games as they’re going to get themselves ready for the Bucs on Sept. 9 in Tampa Bay .

But the exception to the rule has been Amari Cooper, who played Saturday night against the Texans for the primary time this offseason. In fact, he had only returned to practice for the primary time in the week .

The sixth-year receiver, coming off an ankle surgery this offseason, said it is the first time he put playing within the preseason as a high priority.

“It went well. I felt good,” Cooper said Saturday night. “This was the primary time i actually needed those reps before the primary game.”

Cooper said he wasn’t worried about sitting out too long between meaningful games, but he said the particular playing time should prepare him the season opener against the planet champs.

“I wouldn’t say I’m rusty, i might say i have never played during a while . i have never ran routes against somebody during a while ,” Cooper said. “This was my third time to possess the pads on since January. Not rust, I needed to urge that feel of competing before it actually matters.”

Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy said he was quite pleased by the work Cooper came the sport , coupled by the practice snaps within the week leading up to Saturday.

“Amari’s had an excellent week of practice. Just to actually get him back in there was the purpose ,” McCarthy said. “Frankly, we just played Amari, Michael, and CeeDee the primary two series, just wanted to urge them approximately 10 to 12 snaps.”

Cooper was ready to run a couple of routes, but had no receptions and wasn’t even credited with a politician target.

Still, it had been the work that was satisfying enough.

“I had practiced only twice before today. It felt quite foreign on behalf of me to be practicing,” Cooper said. “I haven’t done anything in seven months. Without playing within the fourth preseason game, I’ll get the chance to practice for 3 weeks more.

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