woman jump video viral

woman jump video viral

woman jump video viral

Nowadays, Indian women are gaining prominence by wearing degrees that are not compatible with wearing a saree. These women don’t let the saree get in the way of their stunts. Now one such video of a woman making a backflip on a saree goes viral on social media.

In a recent video, a young woman with open hair is seen making a backflip on the stairs. This video of a woman wearing a red salad, performing a stunt will definitely surprise you. People standing there were also surprised to see the woman making a backflip with a saree. The famous song ‘Rangilo maahro dholna’ is also heard on the back of this video.

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sb1 woman jump video viral

The girl in this video is a professional bodybuilder and her name is Misha Sharma. This clip was shared by KarmaRashi on Twitter. During the sharing, he wrote, “You mean, who’s not going to put him in a saree? It’s a hard work by Misha Sharma.” People love this video as anything. “Another said,” He could bring a gold medal to the Olympics if he was trained. What was the so-called act he did after the quake? “One user commented,” He investigated and our heart skipped a beat. “

These problems can be dangerous if done without guidance. Therefore, you are advised not to make such flips without training. Misha Sharma is a typical athlete who has worked hard to achieve such perfection.

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