World U20 Athletics Championship 2021

World U20 Athletics Championship 2021

World U20 Athletics Championship 2021: Amit Khatri Bags Silver In Men’s 10,000m Race Walk

World U20 Athletics Championship 2021: India’s Amit Khatri finishes second in the Men’s 10,000m Race Walk, earning a silver medal at the World U20 Athletics Championship 2021.
Indian athlete Amit Khatri brings the Indian silver medal after finishing second in the Men’s 10,000m Race Walk. He finished the race with a time of 42 minutes in 17:93 seconds seconds after gold medalist Haristome Wanyoyi and ahead of third-placed Spain’s Paul McGrath. The gold and bronze medalists finished the race with a time of 42: 10.84 and 42: 31.11s respectively. Amit led the entire race, before losing consciousness with both legs to cross Wanyoyi of Kenya.

India’s first silver medal and the sixth overall medal at the U20 Worlds
The Sports Authority of India issued a tweet as soon as India won silver on Saturday. In a tweet, SAI Media congratulated the athlete for his heartfelt effort in finishing the race with a time of 42: 17.94. SAI Media also mentioned that it is the first time India has won a medal in Race Walking and two medals in one Championship program. India previously won bronze in the 4x400m Mixed event by finishing third behind Nigeria and Poland. India quartet by Bharat Sridhar, Priya Mohan, Summy and Kapil clocked a time of 3: 20.60 seconds at their start in the U20 Worlds. Meanwhile, India’s Shaili Singh won the Wome long jump final on Friday.
Amit revealed himself while speaking to the media after the race. As reported by the Indian Express, he said, “As it is (in Nairobi about 2000 meters) such a high respiratory problem for me. It was my first international competition and I won Indian silver. I am glad I was at least able to achieve India’s hopes. India’s former silver medalist in U20 Worlds and India’s sixth medal in Championship history India winners place Neeraj Chopra’s gold in Javelin cast in 2012 in Poland, Hima Das’ gold in the Women’s 400m 2018 in Finland, Seema Antil’s bronze medal at women’s desk in 2002 in Kingston, and the Navjeet Kau Dhillon bronze medal for the female discus cast in 2014 in the USA The World AthleticsCh Championship 2021 takes place in Nairobi, Kenya from August 17 to 22.

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